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Why you need upgrade your system to be compatible with Magento 2?

Now is the end of April, 2015 and the release date for Magento 2  is coming closer and closer to Magento developers community. As notified in Ebay official website, here is the road map of Magento 2:

  • End of 2014 – Developer Beta
  • End of Q1 2015 – Developer RC
  • Q3 2015 – Merchant Beta
  • Q4 2015 – General Availability (GA)!

As you can see clearly, we are in what step of this road map, Magento 2 will have amazing features:

  • New structure
  • New Layout elements
  • CSS Preprocessing
  • Magento UI Library
  • Under the hood
  • Improved Performance and Scalability
  • No more Prototypes
  • Reduced upgrade efforts and costs
  • Great UX
  • Product Manager interface: boring vs. polished
  • Frontend development : Blank Theme

Magento 2 seem to be very powerful and perfect. However, according to the complaint of many Magento developers on famous forums (, Magento community, Stack over flow, ….) Magento 2 Developer Beta has many bugs when upgrading and installing new modules, they predict that Magento 2 GA will have some common bugs that you must face to.  Here are some significant examples among a lot of bugs which may occur:



Installation Error

Backend Error

Installation error again

Screenshot_7-compressedSet up error

To help developers and users use Magento extension without worries about unexpected bugs, some Magento extension providers have decided that they will give their customers extra – support by upgrade old product to be compatible with Magento 2 with a low fee. Especially, Magestore – a famous Magento extension provider has already announced that they will support 100% free upgrade for any extension to be compatible with Magento 2 on Magestore official site:  Announcement

Here is the capture of this announcement in their website:


We hope that there are more and more providers like Magestore who can provide professional upgrade service to rescue users from Magento 2 bugs.





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