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Why we need Magento product widget extension?

As a store owner, do you want your E-commerce website to be more popular? Well, if the answer is yes, it’s time to promote your website. However, how you can effectively make your customer purchase your product immediately when they feel the inspiration to buy anywhere outside your main product page. For example, when you have some blogs, or you connect with other bloggers, how will you help your customers to buy? I am pretty sure that almost all of you will think about an external link to redirect the audience right to the main product page. But do you think it is really helpful? Together let’s see why we need Magento Product widget extension.

Why we need Magento Product widget extension?

It is not a wise option to just use the anchor texts or hyperlinks to make backlinks for your product page. Actually, the links are always under suspicion. Moreover, it will somehow not so attractive. That’s why we find a way to support your promotion. It is a code that will make your products embedded with attractive images, a call-to-action button and customizable design. And what it is?

The answer is the extension of Magento Product widget. Together with this extension, you can easily make the following functions:

  • Create new product widget with Product & Image type
  • Use product widget in static block, cms page or anywhere in your Magento site & other sites such as your WordPress, Tumblr blog(Featured)
  • Flexibly customize the widget to match your brand: size, color, etc.
  • Choose different URL for widget or CTA button: product page, shopping cart page, checkout page or any wanted page
  • View detailed reports for better insight understanding & optimization

The feature of Magento Product widget

You can read the full post in How to promote your products on any site with Magento Product widget. To conclude all the feature, you could see in the list below:

1. Create new product widget with Product & Image type

Create new product widget with Product & Image type

2. Embed products on different websites

Embed products on different websites

3. Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports

After learning too much from why we need Magento Product widget, do you want to purchase it now?

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