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Why Your Heart Say Magento Community But Your Brain Say Magento Enterprise?


Hi buddies, If you’re looking to create your own e-Commerce site, you might’ve come across Magento.

We all know that magento run the world nowadays because of many benefits of using Magento in an e-commerce startup store. And both Magento Community and Enterprise Editions provide outstanding platforms for building your online business. It is the fact that one is free and the other is not, you might not be sure what the difference is between them and which one is right for you.

So you want to make dozens of profit, yeah, this easy guide will help to quickly give you guidance on making clear between a Magento Community vs Enterprise edition for your heart and brain. Let start!

There are three points we focus on when analyzing this decision:

  • Budget
  • Required Features
  • Performance



It is estimated that 95% of Magento sites use Community Edition because free fits in everybody’s budget. However, Enterprise Edition starts at $17,500 a year for licensing, and can be $50,000 a year. If you’re doing $20MM annually, think Enterprise Edition because it doesn’t pay to be pennywise dolar foolish. If you’re selling $500K a year, think Community Edition. If you’re somewhere in between, keep on your reading!

2. Required Features


Something important to know about features is that every feature in Magento Enterprise has been replicated by an extension for Magento Community Edition. So if the annual licensing fee for Enterprise Edition is out of your budget, don’t fear! If you add in extensions, you can get all the features you need, without the large budget.

Here is a good sources for many Free magento extensions , Best Magento Marketing extensions and Magento user guide 

Magento Enterprise  offers a number of advanced features not found in Community Edition. Here are short descriptions of each feature:

  • Admin Permissions 

Enterprise Edition has roles, logging and access permissions. 

  • Automated Email Messages

Abandoned baskets, requesting a product review and so forth.

  • Advanced Segmentation

Categorize your customers for better targeted marketing efforts and offers.

  • Checkout

A more streamlined process in Enterprise Edition.

  • Automated Coupons

5% off a customer’s next purchase, for example.

  • Customer Attribute Management

A more sophisticated interface to handle a larger number of customers.

  • Gift Wrapping 

Customers can choose between wrap options for gifts.

  • Cross Sell / Upsell Automation

Recommendations based on what other customers have bought with the current product being viewed.

  • Loyalty Rewards

Enterprise edition can track and apply credits for repeat customers.

  • Online Gift Cards 

Recipients can use these as payments of course.

  • Private Sales

Special prices and discounts through email and/or login using the Advanced Segmentation just described.

  • PCI Compliance

Certification to the credit card industry’s standard.

  • Returns

Manage and track returns from customers from within Magento.

  • Search

Integrated Solr search. The search built into Community edition is pretty awful.

  • Taxes

Built in multiple locations, with different tax zones, countries

  • Rollback

You can revert to a previous version of content.



You know, the speed at which pages load on e-commerce sites is very complicated, it is related to inter-related function of hardware, network, application code and user system. In general, Magento Enterprise Edition loads faster and scales better than Magento Community. In addition, a skilled development team can enable Community to run every bit as fast as Enterprise.  


Magento Community vs Enterprise – Which is Right for You?


When making a Magento Community vs Enterprise Comparison, remember to be forward looking. What will you need 3 years from now? Select the platform with the right combination of features, performance and budget. It’s obviously a  difficult decision.

5.Start from nothing for your online business

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So if you have choosen one edition for your heart and brain , what are the next things to do? Yeah, of course, you wanna know the way to make a lot of money from nothing.

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