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What Should All First Time Entrepreneurs Know Before Starting Their Very First Business?

It is hard to startup nowadays and you easy make some  big mistakes when you begin your e-startup. So you think you wanna sell something on your online business. If you’re thinking of selling product online, the first step, and therefore the more important step to starting an online business is to brainstorm products to sell online. It sounds easy but it’s easy to get stuck or not even know where to start. To find and come up with awesome product ideas is actually just a matter of looking in the right sports for inspiration.

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How To Find Trending Products For Online Business

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I’m going to show you not only how to come up with great product ideas but also how to find top selling products and trending products for your online business.

How To Verify Trending Products For Online Business


This quickest way to verify trending products to see if they hold their water in weight is with the Google trend tool.

The Google Trends tool will show to the trend of your product ideas based on total search volume. It will not only show you the total search volume but also display the countries and cities that the ideas are most popular in an easy way

Product Marketplaces

The marketplaces do the heave lifting for you by curating the best of other, much larger marketplaces and niches. So you might come there to look for some hot production

Product Review Blogs

What better place to look for trending products to sell online than on blogs and magazines dedicated to showcasing some of the coolest new products entering the market. You know that product review blogs and online magazines are a rich source for what’s trending now and can help spark spinoff ideas.

Find the Hobbies


Hobbies are great because people are willing to spend lots of money buying products to support their hobbies. One of the best ways to uncover great products ideas to sell online is to look at different hobbies and the products people need to participate in them.

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Trend publications are one of the best, future facing places to start your search for trending products to sell online. Unlike the other resources on this list this may not give you direct and exact product ideas, however it helps you start understanding the direction consumer buying patterns are headed which can spark some incredible product ideas.

Social Image Networks


Social image sharing sites are cool because you get a consumer perspective of interesting and trending products to sell online right now. Because it’s all very visual based, you can take in a huge amount of product ideas very quickly making it a nice source for ideation.

Several of the larger social curation sites to check out include:

  • Pinterest – Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social network with over 50 million monthly users. Make sure to check out the popular section for what’s currently trending.
  • Polyvore – Polyvore is another great service, similar to Pinterest. Polyvore’s global community has created over 80 million collage-like “sets” that are shared across the web. Don’t forget to take a look at their top trends
  • Fancy – Fancy describes themselves as part store, magazine and wish list. Regardless of what it is, it’s filled with product ideas for you to explore.
  • Instagram – As if it needs an explanation. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks and it’s filled with product ideas

To learn more about social media for boost sale, check the guide:

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Trending Import Products

If you want to see what products people are currently importing from India to Canada, If you want to know what products Australians are importing from Kenya, you might find and looking for some informations about that, then choose the hot and right products for your online business.

Here are some trend products

With the emergence of numerous ecommerce and classified ads sites anything and everything can be sold online. However here’s a list of things that look promising for next year :

Clothes : Major campaigns by Zara have already got many users to shop clothes online. Clothes seem promising because more users are willing to try out clothes sold online due to cheaper price,easy comparison and  availability of multiple designs.

Furniture and Home Decor  : One surprising and upcoming segment is furniture and home decor. From dining  tables to lanterns to customizable wardrobes everything is selling like hot cakes. The funding that pepperfry received is a testament to that

Pet Supplies : and I don’t mean just dog and cat supplies . Indians have started adopting different types of animals like guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles squirrels etc. however the supplies available online are onpay for cats and dogs. There’s a huge untapped market here.

Office helpers : a lot of startups have opened in the past year and not everyone cannot afford to have manpower

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