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What are your big mistakes when you begin your e-startup?

If you want to have a startup, it’s not “hard.” If you want a successful startup, well, that’s a different story.

Selling your products and services has been with us for thousands of years. It started with trading shells, moved onto exchanging goods for other types of goods and finally money was invented as the universal means of exchange.

It was simple. You took your goods down to the local community market, set up your stall and started selling. Today it is a little more complex, It is not easy to start up with e commerce.

And you should avoid 5 big mistake below when you have an startup online business


1.There is no brand

coca cola brand

That is no logo, if you think that small online store don’t need to make a brand logo which is completely wrong because your online store can fully into big business. Moreover, You don’t need to elaborate and worry about renting the designer because  so many online sites to make the logo available for creating arbitrary according to your preferences

When the customer to the website, what they do remember first is the logo. They will quickly forget your website if even a logo – distinctions of shops – also not available. So want to know the ways to explore your brand, come here Top 5 best ways to improve online store’s brand

2.Unresolved questions from customers


Livechat, FAQ and Product questions play an important role in your website. It is the real time communication beetween company& customer. Livechat is website’s human voice. Of those who prefer live chat, 79% said that they đi so because they get their question answeres quickly and 46% agree it was the most efficient communication method.

In addition, live chat is not only company’s image but also customer service. If you install a live chat, you will creat tons of fans and advocates of your brand. You may check here for FAQ and Product questions

3.No contact information.

website information

This is a major shortcoming, or contact information is sketchy losing customers for granted. From the introductory page and contacts you need to be cared about.You should make it nice and eassy to read.

4.Do not create social networking.

Social chart

There are over 5.4 billions active social media accounts which amount to more than 56% of the population. We all recognize the importance of social networks. It will also provide the opportunity for easily interacting with customers, get constant feedback,which will be the source of implements improvements, searching  regarding your competitors activities   

You should create your website link with social networks like facebook, instagram, twitter, google+,…, as well as create powerful your community. Come here to know the way How to boost your startup store with social media?

5.Never make Marketing connections.

Online Marketing  is the second job that you need to make your website always.

If you creating the connection channels, online sales without marketing channels, you will not achieve your expectation sales .With each channel marketing enterprise, you always need to invest money and effort to fully exploit efficiency its fruit. You need a strategy for each marketing channel. You have to plan for the content, how to budget, time for each marketing channel will operate.

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