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What are the best ways to make money through Marketing as a teenager?

As an entrepreneur, it is more hard and hard to attract customers in complex online business. Want to boost your sales? Want to boost profits for your online store?.

The heart of your business success lies in its marketing. Most aspects of your business depend on successful marketing strategy. The overall marketing umbrella covers advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. Marketing is a process by which a product or service is introduced and promoted to potential customers. Without marketing, your business may offer the best products or services in your industry, but none of your potential customers would know about it.

Without marketing, is is big mistake big mistakes when you begin your e-startup , and sales may crash and companies may have to close.Wanna know the way, keep reading, buddy!

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There are 4 points of MARKETING STRATEGY that you must follow step by step. This is my real wooden toys  startup in my local area, i hope this post can help your online business



Start to list all the different types of customers that suffer from the problems you solve. Once done, you can start to build up a picture of these customers. Group them by location – for example, high net worth individuals tend to live in certain postcodes. Group them by market sector – are they manufacturers, recruitment agents, and so on.

After analyzing the market and observe toys segment, see market IKID primarily focused on target groups:

Children aged 2-6 years: This is the user group of children are in the process of learning and adjusting to the outside world.

Quantity: More than 5.4 million children


Target customer: families with children between the ages selected market segments, aged 25-40 had average incomes and high living in my local with traditional forms of business and in the whole country to form online sales through online sales website.

Psychology: Children often attracted by the colorful, eye-catching, beautiful design products. But Parents always want to give their children the products with best quality. These products originated from the local toys help children learn by playing is the mother very trusted. Product prices do not much to influence purchasing decisions by customers targeted.



This strategy basically focuses upon the characteristics of the product or customer benefits. For example if I say Imported items it basically tell or illustrate a variety of product characteristics such as durability, economy or reliability etc.  

The company brought to market both product categories: tangible products (toys) and intangible services (consultancy services and a play area for children)

Tangible Products: include smart wooden toys, wooden puzzles stimulate the imagination and the brain development of children. The products are made from natural wood, light, easy to handle, with eye-catching colors and absolute safety of the products subject to childen from 2-6 years old.

The invisible:    

  • play area allows children to experience the smart wooden toy in the store.
  • The reading, enjoy the coffee for the parents as for the children to participate in games shop
  • Services ordered online and delivered in convenient date.

-Positioning Price  

Basically because of perception, as most of us perceive that if a product is expensive will be a quality product where as product that is cheap is lower in quality. If we look at this Price – quality approach it is important and is largely used in product positioning. In many product categories, there are brands that deliberately attempt to offer more in terms of service, features or performance. They charge more, partly to cover higher costs and partly to let the consumers believe that the product is, certainly of higher quality.

The average price of each product is from 30$-60$ VND, targeting income customers from 10-20 million / month. Through market research and customer surveys, this is said to be consistent with price affordability of parents with medium income.

-Positioning distribution (Place)


  • Direct sales through traditional stores
  • Shop online through e-commerce website provides utilities: ordering, payment and delivery online

B2B: Long-term strategy

  • Provide toys for preschool, kindergarten combine organize festivals nutritional counseling educating children on holidays such as the Mid-Autumn, International Primary, Christmas in schools and shopping centers 

Positioning Marketing Strategy (Promotion):

Offline: flyers, gift memberships for clients, organize the festival consultants, such as the Mid-Autumn Day, International Children, Christmas in pre-schools and kindergardens.

  • Online: Advertisement on the website using the common parent’s website  …; advertise and set up on facebook fanpage.

4.Marketing Campaign


The objective of the campaign

  • Increase brand awareness (Brand-awareness)
  • Make an impression on customers, while integrating the brand message to customers (First impression and brand’s message implicated)
  • Help customers to experience the actual product (Experiencing)
  • Create high viral product and brand (Viral effects)

Activity 1:

Market Penetration: Initial take pictures of the company to target customers in the area of ​​Hanoi in the form of leaflets advertising, generated attention in the large commercial centers

  • Insight:

Shopping is not merely an everyday job, but is considered a relaxing activity of the mother, direct communication at the point of sale will be effective for the first step to make an impression to parents .

The mother often took her children to the commercial center every weekend, the attention of the children also have a significant impact to the interest and purchasing decisions of the fathers, mothers.

  • Concept of strategy: Create customer sympathetic to need close by friendly, fresh, cute pictures
  • Key activities:

– Lease of the mascot posed for pictures and playing with little to attract the attention of parents and leaflets advertising the product, stores, online sales site.

– Forum seeding, post items posted on the Assembly have more parent participation, create discussion on the topic of intellectual toys, discusses Chinese toy making and integrate the company’s image to the forum on.

Activity 2

Maintain Product coverage:

  • Insight: Product image if it is repeated, it will make an impression in the minds of customers
  • Key activities:

– Preparation Group on Facebook, follow daily post the topics that interested parents: nutrition, health care for children, the toy fosters thinking, intelligence of the child, the for household tips, photos of company products.

– Forum seeding: create and manage the new thread on the forum pages discussing the company’s products to maintain the density of the product coverage

– Development brochure when companies make deals or new products.

Activity 3: Long-term activities

Sale Promotion: Create employee groups to introduce the product in preschools

  • Insight:

The kindergarten always have a lot of toys for children, but what kind of toy there are mass and virtually ubiquitous, if give them the unique toy gives them the difference guest with private schools, the effect will be very good and this will be a point field sales consultants are extremely effective.

  • Key activities:

– Penetration of young male private school, finding each county center in Hanoi 3 private schools and early years conducting product introduction.

– Investigate the needs of the center for children with hyperactivity and special circumstances in local to introduce the product, this may be the biggest consumer market B2B business in the future.


If you have any problems or questions, comment below, i will reply soon 🙂


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