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Want to boost profits your online store? Try those 6 live chat tips

Live Chat software should absolutely be a part of your lead generation strategy.

Studies show that 77% of people shopping online would like to make contact with a real person before making a purchase, and over half say that the lack of interaction has caused them not to purchase.

With Live Guide, your customers get the best of both worlds: the convenience of shopping online with the same personal and immediate service they expect in-person. If your site don’t use live chat, it is one of  your big mistakes when you begin your e-startup

Here are a handful of ways you can benefit from live chat support

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1.Realise it’s an opportunity.



Every time a customer starts a chat with you it’s a great opportunity to learn more about their needs and how they use the product. Make sure your operators can manage this well

With live chat, it is an oppotunity to improve online store’s brand . Keep your brand consistent and your customers comfortable.

2.Keep questions and answers

On one hand, don’t hesitate to ask more questions if you are not sure what your customer means

I find that people tend to segment their train of thoughts on chat and send you just a fragment of what is really on their mind. Since, I suppose you are no medium, it can sometimes be hard to answer requests correctly.

In that case, don’t hesitate to ask customers for some more information on the problem. It will show them that you are listening and will help you understand what they are really inquiring about.

On the other hand, make sure customers aren’t left waiting. This is very annoying for a website visitor much like waiting around to be served in a store.

3.Always online


Make sure people who handle the live chats are able to solve customer’s problems most of the time. It’s not like a support ticket, people are there waiting live and it’s frustrating to be told every time that you need to log a ticket.

4.Offer discounts or product demos


Some customers might not be ready to buy yet. It doesn’t mean you have nothing to offer them!

Offer them an alternative to a regular sale by giving them a free peek at your product or a discount if you see the price is the problem.

The important part isn’t to give them a “deal”, it’s to show them you are listening to them and are coming up with solutions to fit their particular needs. Believe me. Everyone likes to feel special!

5.Send links to specific product pages

I remember reading a chat transcript from Magentodownload where a man asked for suggestions of magento guide for beginner (link)  after downloading .The agent took the time to send his links to the Magento user guide  he thought might fit his needs.

That’s what I mean when talk about making it easy for your customers to buy. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the fact they are still browsing by suggesting they check out specific products you think might fit their needs.

5.Guide customers through check-out


This is a tricky maneuver as some of your customers might feel like you are pressuring them to buy. However it can never hurt you to ask them if they would like you to guide them through check-out.

If they purchase from you for the first time or if you sell complex products, customers might appreciate some guidance.You should use  One step checkout for your website for more convenient

6.Try automatic triggers

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To have more website visitors engage in a chat, try automatic triggers that send an opening message after they’ve visited a certain amount or type of pages.


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