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How to track your sales on a mobile device with Simi Sales Tracking app

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You are busy and often need to work while away from the office, but you must keep eyes on your e-store to track the latest sales data. SimiTracking is a solution to your issue. 

SimiTracking is the first and only native app for Magento, providing a full set of cutting edge features to follow sales! You can now get access to your real-time sales data, such as today’s sales, today’s orders, and bestsellers…from any mobile devices wherever and whenever you want. 

What is the Simi Sales Tracking

SimiTracking is the first and only free mobile sales tracking app for Magento!

  • The fastest mobile way to follow the latest real-time sales data of your e-store.
  • The easiest way to have a clear sight of detailed reports on sales, orders, bestsellers and customers.
  • No data sharing requirements from the third party, thus increasing the access speed and data security!
  • Support Android 2.2 or later.
  • Support iOS 5.0 or later.




How to get started with Simi Sales Tracking



Simi Sales Tracking feature detailed

Provide general real-time sales statistics

Whenever and wherever you log into the app, the updated overview report on data like today’s sales, today’s orders, bestsellers… awaits you on the dashboard. By bringing what truly matters to the forefront, SimiTracking reduces the time consumed for keeping up to date with new sales status since the last logout.


Bestsellers’ statistics at your fingertips

Do you need help in making the suitable strategy to boost up sales? SimiTracking provides you with a detailed report on bestsellers. The number of orders, total order value and orders’ details of each best-selling product are shown by specific store views. Thus you may exactly know their statuses and come up with timely decisions while there are any changes.


Orders reports right in your pocket

You can certainly view an itemized report on orders including total sales and order details in a specific period of time.


What if you have a vast number of orders? SimiTracking allows you to instantly retrieve a list of orders needed by the Filter function.


What if you see a valued order in ‘pending’ status? Get in touch with your customers directly via ‘phone’ or ‘email’ icons and find out what caused the problem.


Customers’ information available for tracking

The app shows an overview of customers in a chronological list. The information of customer’s country and the number of orders placed in a specific time are also displayed, helping you target right customers. It’s a smart way to manage your customer base even on mobile devices.


Easy settings for your sales tracking app

SimiTracking allows configuring Bestsellers display, filtration on order status as you wish.



How to install Simi Sales Tracking app

Link product:

Visit Magestore website with the above link and you will find full instructions to download and install this free extension.

Hope this extension useful for you!

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