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Top 5 best Magento POS app for retail stores

“Until 2018, if you will not have a mobile POS app, you will be left behind” is rooted from the Infogroup’s report  about situation of point of sale in the world. Getting a mobile point of sale for your Magento stores seem to be a must in this mobile era. But the most difficult thing is to choose the most suitable m-POS app among various types in the market. Frankly, it’s simple. All you have to do is pick one of the top 5 Magento MPOS apps and try it, you can choose the Magento mobile POS app you need.  And here is the list of top 5.

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1.  SimiPOS- Simplicity is the best

SimiPOS pursues the simplicity but sufficiency in all aspects of the app from the design, outlook to functions as it is branded as the simplest way for e-tailers to mobilize POS system. It’s extremely easy to set up and use with some core features like item quick search, quick pick, integrate with bar code scanners, receipt printers, card readers and so on. Besides, this Magento mobile POS app offers the unbeatable price. It costs NOTHING for 1 device/domain and only $39/month for premium version.  SimiPOS might be the best m-POS app for SMEs. More importantly, it runs on SimiPOS 2.0 has been released recently, adding “ PayAnywhere card reader integration” feature and is forecast to take the Magento POS world by storm.

You can visit its store: for latest updates.

magento mobile pos

2. ShopKeep POS

If you have a restaurant, food truck, coffee shop, boutiques, this point of sale app is for you. It sells its own hardware products and allows customers to customize the app’s interface for a variety of businesses. One cons of ShopKeep POS is that it only supports iPad. Like SimiPOS- Magento tablet POS app, it only has 1 pricing plan: 49$  per month.

Magento Mobile POS shopkeep

3. Ebizmart POS

Ebizmart claimed that they breathe in the air of Magento and thus they will support the Magento retail stores the best. In fact, as some customers complained, the Ebizmart app doesn’t run smoothly since it’s not native app. Ebizmart POS ‘s entry level plan is 39$ /month, but it’s limited on 1 devices and orders. Ebizmart  POS is iPad POS app only.

magento pos app

4. Microbiz POS       

Microbiz POS has succeeded in bringing about a multifunctional cloud POS with all outstanding features like inventory management. Microbiz POS is also  specialized in Magento; therefore, it always prioritizes Magento retailers. However, like Ebizmart, it sometimes doesn’t run smoothly both on Android POS app and iPAd POS app.

microbiz POS - Magento mobile POS

5. Lightspeed POS

Magento Mobile POS lightspeed

Lightspeed provides Pro and Cloud POS app for any platform and will make a physical store look professional and modern. Pro version is even used for MAC.

Base on this list, you might choose a best-fit mobile POS app.  You should choose your own mobile POS based on 5 MUST HAVE features.

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