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Top 5 best ways to improve online store’s brand



Brand marketing is a great place to start! It goes hand-in-hand with your online business. And it is one of  5 big common mistakes that most of all Ecommerce start-ups have

You build a brand by building relationships with your customers through your message.Brand is your appearance, mannerisms, style of text, colors, social media presence, blogs, etc. are all elements that appeal to people. When you consistently portray the image you’re building, that is called “branding.” Here are some steps to improve your online business with brand

1.Figure Out What You Want From Your branding

 Build brand

Not every brand is going to grow the same way on social media. Even the big names are looking for a different route to the same goal, and using their unique images to foster that result. For example, brands like Taco Bell and Old Spice use humor to brand themselves on social media while brands like American Airlines try to be personally engaging with current customers.

What do you hope to achieve with your branding? Are you just trying to up visibility? Establishing your tone and knowing what your aim will be, whether it is increasing traffic to a site, or getting in touch with people interested in your brand, is a important part of success in online business. It also saves you time and energy, because you aren’t floundering in an attempt to decide what to do.

2.Define your big mission & vission

.vission &mission

The vision statement of your company’s show exactly what drives you, your dream, and that should be the north of your team, it should be the base to build the culture of your company, by that I mean the personality of your company and who aspire your company to be.

It seems like something without a real importance, only in books, but that in real startups can make the difference between a strong kill team or just a group of employees working with you.

The story of your company is more important than the products/services you sell.

3.Choose a slogan

logo apple

Slogan can advance the marketing and advertising efforts of your Startup online business. Yet, a slogan is one of those vague advertising concepts that can have different purposes. Your challenge as a business operator is to match your slogan with a well-defined purpose. A slogan must mean or communicate your startup. You may choose a clear, simple and fast to understand slogan for your startup business.

4.Pick brand/ startup name

logo microsoft


Based on that above, pick whatever brand / startup name that you can associate with. Your passion and personal association with that name is the only thing that will make or break it.Your brand name just doesn’t matter that much.

5.Emphasise your characteristics & values

Do the things that both emphasise and validate the characteristics & values that you’ve attached to your brand. There may be some stand out advantages of your products associated your brand. Then tell people about that through your website, Social media and other mass media. You also may choose some special holiday days/ season to make a markting campain for emphasise your characteristics & values, Check here for more detail  What are TIPS to boost sales for the online store this 2015 Christmas season?

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