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Top 3 Smart Ways To Let You Work Smarter Not Harder

We have to get many things done in a day whether it’s demand from work, friends or families. Working hard is not enough, we also have to work smart. That’s why there is still a “fairy tale” about a small startup can defeat a large competitor. The story is like the battle between David & Goliath. Even your team works for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, your big competitor always have the better resources to hire more people to do the work than your company so only better time management & innovation will help small startups win. It’s critical for any of us to work more effectively. Human is the species of habit, we do most things based on our habits. If every time you brushed your teeth in the morning and you have to think about it, you would not have much mental power left to focus on important tasks of the day. We must form smarter habit to cope with the lack of time.  To do so, there are 3 ways which are: remove, automate and outsource.


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If you have learned about time management, chances are you have to-do list to let you keep track for everything you plan to do for a day, a week, a month or even a year. If you don’t have one, just create one – simply put all of your works not just at office but at home in a list for a time range. Many people does not have trouble creating to-do list, they have trouble clearing the list. We plan with an illusion that all conditions are perfect. However, they are not. There will be tasks that we may never do before and it will take you longer than expected. There will be unexpected distractions like your father called you for help suddenly. You feel stressful about finishing all the tasks planned and maybe paralyzed when you see that the time is running out and more than half of your tasks left are unfinished. The answer is that you should take a look at your to-do list again and ask this question: “What value does this task bring?”. Values can be higher sales, cleaner house, a thank from a friend or satisfaction for helping family member.

Value assessment will help you determine which task brings good values and which task brings low or zero value. Your duty is to remove all of the low-valued tasks and keep the high-valued tasks for your to-do list. Removing also means saying “no” if someone asks for your time like when you friend is asking you to hang out when you have important tasks left unfinished.


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The next thing you should do is to automate all the tasks that computer / machine or any technology can do for you. To say the truth, automatic system can even do faster and better than you. Why don’t you automate? It saves you a huge amount of time and focus on things that only human can handle. For example, it will takes hours of adminstration work if you download data in Magento (popular e-commerce platform) and upload in another system like Salesforce to synchronize data (Salesforce is for following up with leads). Instead, you don’t have to touch a button after you create setting on this magento salesforce integration extension. It’s automatic, secure for your data and even cheaper when comparing the labour cost with the investment.

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The last type of tasks are the ones which actually create values and cannot be automated by technology or software. So there is still a final solution, which is looking for someone else do the job for you. The person maybe skilled at implementing the tasks than you and it’s can be more cost-effective than you. For example, you can hire people in some freelancer markets like,, and etc. All these markets provides a lot of available skilled remote employees to do the job for you. If you are an owner of a startup and you want to focus on marketing and sales, why not outsourcing to someone who are good at accounting to do the report for you? It’s very convenient and help you work more efficiently because focus is everything.


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