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Magento Global Functions

Reinventing the wheel – what a cliche! Of course you don’t do it, at least not intentionally. And you hate being reminded of code reuse on those rare occasions when someone points to a function you wrote, which allegedly does the same as some other function somewhere in the framework. ...

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Symbolic Links in Magento

It is surprising how many people don’t know about symbolic links and do not realize how useful they can be. For instance you are running a test server with multiple instances of out shop configured as separate installations. You can easily update the source code by pulling it from a common ...

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Adding a “Home” link to the top menu


In this article I’ll give you a handy script to add a home link to the top menu. In magento 1.7, the menu is now created via an *event* (page_block_html_topmenu_gethtml_before) The catalog observer hooks into this and adds menu items as Varien_Data_Tree_Node objects. I have some samples here to show ...

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Introducing Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13

We’re excited to announce that the newest version of Magento Enterprise Edition– version 1.13 – is now available. There are thousands of merchants doing many different and innovative things on Magento Enterprise – from revolutionizing how customers buy eyewear to building mobile salesforce automation applications for a global sales team. ...

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Enable Different Language For Magento Store

1. To Enable Different Language For Your Magento Store goto System->Manage Stores. 2. Click on the “Create Store View”, Here you find four required fields as follows : Store ———-> Select Your Store Name ———> Fill Any Relevant Name (English) Code ———-> Fill Any Relevant Code (english) Status ———> Select ...

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