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Magento theme tutorial: Mastering Magento Theme Design within 3 days!

Start read this magento tutorial now! Within 3 days, we promise that you could master design with our Magento theme tutorial, that allows you to easily customize a available theme, which you downloaded from Internet. [caption id="attachment_3824" align="alignleft" width="200"] magento theme tutorial[/caption] Is this book about Magento theme tutorial? The answer is yes, this book explores Magento theme desi ...

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How to display video on Magento product page

One picture is better than a thousand words. You will find this common truth in any textbook on marketing. One video is better than a thousand pictures and even than a thousand words. Any SEO expert will tell you this. One can find in the Internet many ready to use Magento extensions (both free and paid)  that allow to add a video to the product page. Unfortunately, sometimes the extensions do not meet our ...

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Magento tutorials: Design and layout initialization (part 6)

As you may know, layout is built with a small set of XML tags that are simple and interesting to learn. By learning some key concepts and commands of layout, you will be soon be equipped with the sufficient knowledge to easily modify your store design to your desired specification. 1. Identify the steps in request flow in which - Design data is populated Define the position of template files: block, layout, ...

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Magento Certification Exam Tutorials (Part 4)

Topic 1 – Part 4: Functional and Factory class groups As you know Magento is built based on module architecture, which leads to the requirement that there must be an interaction between modules. Hence, in this part we will learn about the way these modules used. I. Definition and Examples of functional class & factory class 1. Functional Class: Class: only contains functions and static attributes? (not ...

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Magento Certificate Exam Tutorials (Part 3)

Topic 1- Part 3: Magento directory structure In order to continue Magento Tutorial this week, I will lead you to Magento directory structure. Please follow it carefully! Magento is built based on the principle of object-oriented programming with MVC architecture. The code system of Magento is saved in the form of dispersions so as to increase extension ability for the system. The directory structure is stor ...

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Sorting your products in Magento

You can easily sort your products in a paticular order by following the steps below. 1. Log in to your Magento Store Admin Area 2. Go to Catalog > Manage Categories 3. Select the category of which contains the products you wish to sort 4. Select ‘Category Products’ 5. On the last column you will see Position, simply enter a numeric value for each product in an ascending (0,1,2,3,4) order. Hope you can en ...

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Magento Certification Exam Tutorials (Part 2)

Topic 1 - Part 2 : Magento module-based architecture For several days do we not discuss about Magento Certification Exam. Today I will continue the Topic 1: Basic with the next part- Magento Module-based architecture. Magento is built based on module architecture. All activities of Magento are processed by modules. In this post we will talk about: 1. Describe module architecture 2. List steps to add a new m ...

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