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Get SimiPos for free on release – Register right now!

No mobile POS until 2018? You’ll be falling behind

Mobile POS is considered one of the most fast growing m-commerce solutions. According to a new report by Infogroup (a well-known marketing research firm), the number of retailers using mobile POS systems will triple by 2018.

It appears that mobile POS will soon replace all traditional cash register because it enables sales staffs to complete faster transactions, anywhere in their stores at any time as well as reduce cost and checkout time.

What to choose from?

Catching the trend in mobile commerce, a lot of companies are now investing into developing mobile POS applications (especially for iOS). Some large companies like Lightspeed and Shopify provide quite complicated applications which are somehow not easy to use.

Instead, some companies like SimiCommerce are providing much simpler mobile POS application at attractive price.

If you have a Magento e-store, you’d better try now!

It is because SimiCommerce is now offering an awesome opportunity for registered users when SimiPOS is released. From March 18th to 31st, 2014, every customer will get 1 month free if registering for SimiPOS during this time.

Why SimiPOS?

Besides attractive offer, SimiPOS is the simplest way to mobilize POS system of your Magento store. With simple interface and non-complex features, it makes easier for business to process checkout. It is specialized for Magento stores and offers the best –priced service in the market.

Are you ready? Register now! at

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