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Setting Your Magento Mobile App Colors for Android

When designing your Magento Mobile app in the Admin Panel, you have the flexibility to use a preset color palette or create your own to reflect your company’s colors and compliment its images. In this post, I will show you where each of the colors specified under the Design Tab appear in your Magento Mobile app. Hope that  this reference will guide you through the design portion of your app.

What You See in the Magento Admin Panel




What You See in Your Mobile App

Android Home Page

Android_HomeAndroid: Category Listing Pages


Android: Sub-Category Listing Page


Android: Product Information Page 


Android: View Your Cart

Android_View_CartAndroid Checkout


As we can see, mastering all of the Color Tab in Magento Mobile Apps is not easy to handle. Following these guides can help you create your own colour pallet to reflect your company’s colors and promote its image.

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