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SEO Tips if you are using Magento

With this lesson we are going to focus on keyword relevance. Seems straightforward enough, but it does take some thought. There is relevance when it comes to your overall website and then relevance when talking about specific products/services that your are selling. You must think through what it is that your potential audience will be searching in order to find your products.

A big trap that website owners fall into is using jargon, you have to remember that there are words/phrases that are only used when trading with perhaps, your suppliers. There may well be some great named beauty products, but people are either going to search for a brand or what their problem is i.e. cream for dry hands, oily skin cream etc.

So, here are the steps we would recommend:

Step 1: Choosing the right keywords

You need to choose the right keywords. You need to be choosing words that you feel potential customers will use to find your products and the space your competition is occupying. We recommend using the Google Adwords estimation tool to quantify demand and saturation (

Step 2: Now what!?

The first thing is to decide make sure your website content/text is focussed around what it is you do i.e. you may sell computers, but what is your edge – Sell Cheap computers or sell purple computers – then this is what you need to say all over the website. There is no point optimising your website for a very generic word ‘Computer’, especially when it is a highly competitive market, you will spend a lot time optimising for that word and not get a lot in return.

Step 3: Your Product Pages

You need to make sure that the Title of your product is relevant, try not to use industry jargon, but bring in any brand names if the product has one. Once you have done this, then make sure this is repeated in whole and part through the product description. Lastly, make sure you have labelled your product images. All this can be done through the Magento Administration panel.

Step 4: Homepage Content

Get your ‘Elevator Pitch’ on the homepage – a sentence of less that 100 words.

Now, you just need to get cracking! Don’t think that all this has to happen all at once, or you will never do it, but like everything – little and often.

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