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What is responsive web design with Magento?

Response is a natural behavior of humans and animals. Without it, people can’t communicate with others and express themselves. It’s a primitive human need and it has been present since birth, and this need never regresses. In the world of today, people need it more than ever. That is the reason why there are so many high-speed technologies being developed today. People need immediate responses. People need everything else to adapt to them.

Magento, as a developer of applications, has created different themes that people can customize to support their online stores, but aside from these creations, Magento has come up with a way to deliver responsive mobile and web applications to you, the user. Magento Responsive themes promise to make life easier and sweeter.

How do Magento Responsive themes work? Because of the advent of handheld devices like smartphones and tablets, not to mention desktop computers and laptops, you can now view websites in different ways, but the problem with this is that the layouts of your online store can get rearranged and possibly disorganized when viewed using a particular gadget. If you have customized, let’s say for example, your logo on the right side of your store using your computer, you might be surprised that it is nowhere to be seen when you view it on your smartphone. As a response, you would surely fix it again on your phone, but that is not the only gadget that you have. You still have a tablet and a laptop. This definitely takes up too much of your time and effort. So, Magento Responsive is here to allow you to do it in just one device and it will do the rest.

A responsive design of a website means that the design responds or adapts to its environment in terms of orientation and size, to the platform of the device, and to the behavior of the user. This works with the use of flexible layouts and images to be able to respond to the differences in environment. Device resolutions, operating systems, and platforms come into play in this aspect and so Magento Responsive has definitely mastered the art of interacting with these factors.

Having a responsive website has a lot of advantages. The first one has already been mentioned – you get to save time and effort trying to make your site viewable across different devices. You can opt to hire developers to make them for you, but the problem here is you’ll have to shell out more money. As a business owner, this is the last thing you’d want to do. This can save you time and effort, but this won’t save you the costs of maintaining multiple websites. Losing time and money is not wise. This then leads to the second advantage – you get to save more money. The third advantage is that you get to control your website in one device. Store management would be centralized, thus giving you access on all your sites at once.

Through Magento Responsive themes, you can give your customers a fun shopping experience. They get to see the pictures and videos of your products with the right resolution and size. They can easily surf through your website from their phones and computers. Surely, mobile phones have been dominating the internet industry for the past few years and they will continue to do so in the next few years. Having a responsive website helps you reach out to your market instantly. With a lot of internet-ready gadgets with different platforms coming out in the market today, you are sure that no matter what people use, they’ll get to see the best that your store has to offer.

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