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[Recommend] Create a Magento mobile site for FREE

With Magento tutorial‘s experience in e-commerce, especialy in Magento theme tutorial, we realize that: without a mobile site, Google will start to block your website from searches done from smartphones, you risk losing visitors with a cluttered and off-putting site, with an inability to access information.  If you don’t have a Magento mobile version of your website, you might be losing more than you though

70% of mobile searches results in an action within 1 hour, and mobile is used 89% on the go, 79% while shopping, 64% while commuting.

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So, how do you make a Magento mobile site?
One option is to hire a Magento technical freelancer or a mobile site development company with a lot of expenses, sometimes it’s out of pocket with small businesses, and of course you will have to share with them FTP account, grant them full control access into your website. Or you can build your own mobile site to save money, it only takes time a lot and requires technical knowledge while for most Magento store owners, that’s definitely out of the question.

Instead, check out the solution to build your own Magento mobile site and reach customers on their mobile devices without being overly time-consuming, breaking the bank or taking any risk.
The best part? There are no tech skills required.

Fb seedings_Simi mobile site

With Simi mobile site anyone can create, publish a fast loading, optimized Magento mobile sites in minutes with no technical knowledge. Best of the best, it’s totally FREE.

Simi Mobile Site is a theme allowing you to create a mobile site for your website. With the belief that in this digital age, mobile site is such a BASIC feature that every Magento website must have, we provide all the source code, so that anyone can freely configure, customize to build a unique and beautiful mobile site. For the beginners, all you have to do is create CMS pages for mobile in Magento backend and Simi Mobile Site will automatically do the rest. You can also configure it to have an unique mobile site by yourself with some code we offer in the User guide.

Magento mobile site by Simi  Magento mobile site by Simi 2   Magento mobile site by Simi 3  Magento Mobile Site by Simi 4

Is it time to go mobile?

Check out our Simi Mobile Site offerings for an affordable way to attract and maintain new customers.

Here is the library of Magento Download for FREE (all versions)

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