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How to optimize Facebook to promote your products with Magento Facebook Comment extension

We are now become so popular with Facebook. It becomes a communication channel with our family, friends and opens networking? Let’s take a look at the following chart to see the dramatic increase in Facebook users:

Number of Facebook user from 2004 to 2013

magento facebook comment - facebook usersBecause of this dramatic increase in the number of Facebook users, many companies have take advantage of it to promote their businesses. And today’s post will show you a way to use Facebook for your website.

We use an extension named Magento Facebook Comment to allow customers’ comments on your site and products’ information to be posted to customers’ Facebook Walls.

Magento Facebook Comment extension

magento facebook comment

With Magento Facebook Comment:

  • Customers can leave comments in product pages
  • A pop-up allows directly logging-in without navigating to Facebook page
  • Names of products and links to product pages are shown in customers’ Facebook profile

Magento Facebook Comment extension – Outstanding Features

  • For customers who want to leave comments but haven’t logged in facebook, there will be a pop-up that allows logging-in right away instead of navigating to facebook page.
  • Checkbox of “Post comment to my facebook profile” can be set checked by default.
  • Comments that appear on customers’ facebook profile will include names of the products and links to the product pages.
  • Easy for web-shop owners to register for facebook to add this function.
  • Facebook Comment provides the ability to manage comments displayed in front-end: number of comments, width of the comment box…

Magento Facebook Comment – Product Page


Visit Magestore website with the above link and you will find full instructions to download and install this free extension.

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