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New POS system solution for Botanical garden

With an age of 70 years, the Desert botanical garden is a great place to visit. It features a significant number of 50000 plant displays. On an average day, this garden makes about 300 to 400 transactions. And the number can become 2000 on busy days, which is crazily huge. That’s why Botanical garden needs another solution for point of sale system, and we will find out what it is.

New POS system solution for Botanical garden

First, the temperature in Arizona is really high, making continuous 12 hours working per day of a computer very harsh. Second, it takes lots of space of a sellers. Finally, a garden employee need to turn around lots of time because of old device, make his back or neck painful. So with lots of trouble, they need to change new POS system.

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The solution: Magento Retailer POS

This Magento ipad POS app will be the best solution for this garden. With a small and mobile device, things will come in handy. You don’t need to worry about the high temperature, and the speed of an iPad POS is really the best. As well, the problem of little space or trouble for the employee neck and back will be long gone.

New POS system solution for Botanical garden

Magestore is always one of the best Magento extensions provider, and they now release a native POS app for iPad, which makes transaction easier and quicker than before.

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