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How to manage your customers in Magento

This post will show you one of the important functions in Magento, it is Customer management, including: create a new account, manage customer details and manage customer groups.

New customers can sign up for your online store through the main page ->My account section. They should click on the [Create an Account] button and fill in the details:



You can add new customers or manage the existing ones through the Customers section in the Magento admin area:



In order to change the customer details, click on the [[Edit]] button.There you can alter all customer details, including the username and the password, the address, monitor the orders, the shopping cart, the wishlist items, the reviews and the tags and manage the newsletter:



You can add and manage the customers’ groups through the Customers section -> Customer Groups:



You can monitor the online users from the Customers section -> Online Customers.The newsletters which you will send to your customers can be composed and managed through the Newsletter section in the Magento admin area:



They are some ways for you to manage your customer well. Thanks for reading! If you would like to add something so that we have deeper knowledge about Magento, please share with us.

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  1. This tutorial will be highly helpful for any beginner. For any magento ecommerce store, the toughest part is managing their customers so in this case, this tutorial is the right guidance for the developers. Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

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