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Magento theme Tutorials: Magento Themes Installation on 1.7 Version

How to install a magento theme is a question always on beginer’s mind. This magento tutorial will show you the installation of a magento theme on version 1.7 of magento.

1. Copy the folder name book_store ( it is the folder name of your theme) Path: app/design/frontend/default to your magento folder in the respective path: /www/magento/app/design/frontend/default

Note: In our case Theme Folder name is book_store. You need to use your theme’s folder name.

2. Copy the folder name book_store Path: skin/frontend/default to your magento folder in the respective path:/www/magento/skin/frontend/default

3. Copy the folder name book_store_slider (You can give any other name as well)

Path: /js to your magento folder in therespective path: /www/magento/js.

Note: Make sure you call the same name in your theme’s page.xml

4. Login to the admin panel System->Configuration-> (On the left panel)->configuration->design

a. Set your theme:

Magento Tutorials

b. In the same panel set the logo image to logo.png as below.

Magento tutorial for beginners

Note: For changing the home page content, Static Block content, please refer to your xml files such as home.xml etc.

Above is all steps to install a magento theme on version 1.7. That’s easy right? Hope you guys like my toturial!

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