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Magento Tutorial : Why using Magento for Ecommerce?

E-Commerce has exploded over the last decade.  There are many reasons for this “pop”: Internet usage and speed increases. Based on the development of internet, people build Magento as the best solution for online business.

Magento started as a company called Varien back in the 2000s.  The whole reason for its genesis centers around the idea that technology built to help customers shop online had become too proprietary or too disjointed.  The founders believed in the Open Source movement, but the pickings were spread too thin to create a useful cart experience.  With that in mind, they set out to build one cart that lived and breathed the Open Source ideal of having many co-creators but also set out to engender a sense of Enterprise-Level solutions for the real world.

So why do we use Magento?


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Which would you prefer, a team of 100 or a team of 1000.  Magento as an Open Source application is built to utilize the efforts of its entire supporting community.  Through the ideas and innovation of others, the application ‘rights’ itself much more often than a proprietary application could.  And since everyone has access, vendor lock-in is essentially a moot point: you build it, it’s yours. Finally, since the core development is paid for through the community, costs are kept at a minimum.  Open Source doesn’t mean free but it does mean increased agility and decreased barrier.

Marketing Focused.

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Out of the box, Magento steers users toward the best practices in Internet Marketing: SEO, Accessibility and PCI-DSS compliance. Essentially, the first half of all your initial building and marketing-budget is all ready paid for!  And because Magento is Open Source, it can accept plugins and modules from 1000s of sources and most cost from $0 – $600.  These modules can help with newsletters or pull in orders from Amazon.  Regardless of your marketing focus: affiliate, inbound, social, etc, Magento can handle it.  Which brings me to the biggest reason of all.

Turn-Key Solution.

Magento was built for two things:

  • Scalability is the idea that as a store owner you could add one to one million products or have ten to ten million visitors; the store can do it all.  Not only that but Magento can run 1000s of stores on a single installation.  How’s that for keeping costs down?
  • Extendability is all about imagination. If you’ve got the proper team working for you, there is literally nothing that cannot be done through Magento.  Companies use it for CRM, Resource Planning, and eBay listings.  The sky’s the limit.  Because of this extendability, Magento can act as a hub for all of your Internet Retailing presence.

We get excited about how much can be done through one application.  How have you used Magento?  What carts are you currently using and how could they improve?  We appreciate your comments or your experiences about using Magento.

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