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Magento Tutorial: Edit Footer Links

We will show you in this tutorial how to edit the footer links on your Magento website in a few simple steps.
The first step is to login to the administrator back-end of the store:
If you have installed magento under a subfolder of the www root folder for an example “store” you should add this directory name before the index.php.
As we are using the default Magento template the footer links look like this:

Note that only the About Us and the Customers Service links are manageable via the footer static block.

However most of the templates available will use the same Identifier for the footer. After you have logged in the magento back-end, allow it to render completely and navigate to the CMS Static Blocks tab:

As we are using an empty magento installation for this tutorial only the “footer_links” block is available. Now click on the name of the block and this will load the editor for it:

You have an advanced html editor enabled by default. If you would prefer to add html code you created for the footer you may disable the editor functions and use plain one via the “Show/Hide Editor” button.

After you have completed editing the links for the footer click the “Save Block” button available at the  top right corner of the page and navigate back to the front-end. You should refresh the page to see the changes you have set.

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