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How to Set up Banner Slider extension in a magento store

What is Banner slider?

Using Banner Slider to advertise is an amazing way to get the results you are looking for. The sources I am using are totally free and the results are incredible for a banner slider. I want to show you how to Set up Banner Slider extension in a magento store to achieve the best advertising results.

magento banner slider tutorial
Magento banner slider

Banner slider gives you a very attractive position for advertisement. All the banners are placed on the top of the site and easily to be seen with banner slider. So you should base on this feature to get suitable advertising campaign. Although position of banner is good, you need to have the best settings to get the best results. Remember that the average person needs to see an ad 5-7 times before clicking it. 70%+ of the sales are made on the 5th contact.

You also need a good Magento hosting for quick loading of Banner slider, refer this article: How to choose a good magento hosting for your business

magento banner slider tutorial
A site using banner slider

Why is banner slider important to you? When you set up your banner advertising campaign set it up so it runs for a minimum of 8 days. That’s right your banner must be in rotation for at least 8 days to get the best results, 14 days or two weeks recommended and 21 days for the absolute best results.

Make at least 3 good looking banners. This will create more awareness and your ads will be seen more often, if you have 5 ads rotating they will definitely get more views in a shorter time frame than just one, also the banners being different from each other creates the illusion as if several person are promoting the same product which increases your results even higher.

With the some steps above you will maximize your banner ads results and get more hits, the more hits you get more prospects, more prospects means more potential sales and more sales means more money.

In this tutorial, we use one of the most popular Banner slider extensions for magento: Banner Slider Extension (Free).

magento banner slider
Banner slider extension on magento connect

Feature of banner slider extension

For customer

 + Able to see banners as a slider of images on the Homepage or on each category page.

For admin

  + Image can be added/removed from the admin panel with the following informatics: title, url and description

  + Allow uploading images and links leading to the detail pages

  + Ability to set the delay time of each image

  + Easily add, edit or delete a banner

  + Allow exporting the lists of banners to CSV/XML files

  + Able to mass change status or delete a list of banners


  + Easy to install and configure

  + Compatible with Magento version 1.5.x.x, 1.6.x.x, 1.7.x.x

How to download and install banner slider

1. Download banner slider

Official source


(Compatible with Magento version 1.4 – 1.7)

2. Install banner slider

  1. Go to System/Cache Management ->Choose Enable and Submit
  2. Use FTP client to upload or copy all folders in the zip package to your Magento site root folder.
  3. Log in Magento administration panel , refresh cache
  4. Go to System/ Magento Extensions/ License keys, put your license key
  5. Log out admin panel and log in again
  6. Go to front-end and try to process

3. How to configure banner slider extension                                                      

Complete guide can be found here.

Banner slider user guide

The tutorial finishes here, hope it is helpful for your business!

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  1. Hi Eric, is it possible to change style of the slider?

  2. What is the maximum numbers of images on the slider?

  3. Thanks for guiding us to use this free extension. This is a free extension but seems to cover most features from paid ones

  4. Thanks for writing this tutorial, I think every store needs such banner on homepage

  5. Can we adjust the size of the banner or it’s fixed?

  6. We look forward to more posts like this, thank you Eric

  7. Hi Alice,

    I downloaded and installed the banner slider. I can configure the banner slider in the admin panel, because there is a new menu item for the slider.

    When I configure a slider and make a banner, and configure it to show on top of pages, nothing happens.

    What can I do wrong with this banner extension? everybody says that this is very easy to use.

    Hopefully uou can help me out.



  8. This banner slider extension installation guide sounds good and found informative. I also came across another banner slider extension, planning to opt for for it,

  9. How i custom style or add a new style ?

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