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Magento Theme tutorial: How to switch to other theme

How to switch between themes in Magento

In this tutorial we will show you how to switch your Magento theme if you get the following error message when activating a new theme:

Your design change for the specified store intersects with another one, please specify another date range

The usual way to switch to another Magento theme, after you’ve downloaded and installed it, is to log in to your Magento Admin Panel, go to System >Design, click on the Add Design Change button, choose the theme from the Custom Design drop-down menu and press the Save button.

However, once you try to change the theme with a third or a fourth one, using the same steps, you might get an error message:

Magento Themes

There is a very easy way to cope with this problem. When you go to System > Design you will see a table in the middle of the page. The last row lists your current theme (in this case “default/modern”):

Magento Theme

Just click on it, choose the theme you want from the Custom Design drop-down menu and press theSave button. You’ll see a message “The design change has been saved” and the theme listed in the last row of the table will be different (in this case “default/magezon”):

Magento themes tutorial

Then you just need to open your Magento homepage to see the new theme.

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