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Magento Go- Solution for small online businesses

Magento Go – Soon you can install apps with one click

Nowadays, there are many small businesses that want to do business online. They have an innovative idea and logistics to support. But, they are worried that they have to control so many servers and software to keep online business running. Their concern is also time taken to develop an online store and managing its minute details. Ideal solution for them is having an online store developed through Magento software. Magento is open source software that works on online store development, so they can use it anytime.

But there are many small and medium businesses, who even feel Magento, with its so many features and continuous growing nature has many things to be done. For them, Magento is also a complex thing. So there is an effective solution for all these businesses, a simpler version of Magento is launched: Magento Go. It is hosted software that can be given as a service to all small businesses for launching online stores. One basic advantage of Magento Go Development over its parent software is it does not need any servers for management. It also scores over basic version on ease of operation. It is the most structured version of Magento. It also offers a complete design control, PC level 1 certified solution and to top these all, it gives a complete range of APIs so that all front end functionality of magento are available.

Magento Go also has some limitations also. Although it is easily manageable when we take hosting into consideration, it is not having any FTP capability. The reason is in Magento Go all file operations are taken care by back end admin team. Despite these limitations, popularity of Magento Go is rising because of its powerful features. Some key features are highlighted below:

  • Flexible store designing themes. A very important feature for small businesses as they can easily select form available themes and design their store on the same format. This makes launch of online store hassle free and reduces the time taken for starting. These themes are editable allowing you to design appealing and attractive store.
  • Product and Order Management. Stores can manage available inventory as well as can manage all incoming orders with Magento Go.
  • Social Media Integration. Magento go can be easily integrated with all social networks like Facebook with one link connection. This helps store a lot in online marketing.

In short, Magento Go brings small business more comfortable application. However, to have better result, store should have a professional development team for using Magento.

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