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Magento Extensions – The Benefits and Value

Magento extensions play a large role in the set up and successful operation of Magento stores because they essentially do exactly what the name suggests; they help to extend Magento in various ways allowing Magento store owners to establish professional and customized stores that suit their individual eCommerce requirements as well as that of their customers.

Magento extensions are playing a large and vital role in the progress of Magento Commerce because they are helping to not only advance and enhance Magento, but also to literally shape its existence. Magento extensions help address the functional requirements of the store. Every eCommerce store has its own unique functional requirements that often cannot be addressed by the standard core system itself. This is fair enough. The core system is not and will not necessarily address every single element that the store requires.

This is especially true for unique and very context specific stores that have various requirements of their own. The good thing is that with Magento Commerce being such a flexible and robust Open Source eCommerce platform and framework, there is indeed the provision for additional extension development, were custom Magento extensions can be created and added to the store to accomplish the specific functional requirements of the store owner.

The great thing is that even if Magento can not address all of the functional requirements out of the box as it were, the flexibility exists to enable you accomplish this either by adding pre-developed extensions available through 3rd parties or having the Magento extension you require custom designed and developed so that it suits your exact needs.

The large and growing range of Magento extensions available help to address the various functional requirements stores have. Today store owners can benefit from other peoples development efforts as they offer a large number of functions and facilities that will either do the exact thing you require, having been developed for the same purpose, or even indirectly address your requirement. For example, at ECSSO we have a particular Magento extension for advanced attribute search called the Magento Advanced Search – Product Attribute Filter Extension, that was originally designed for a website that sells car tyres/tires. It was developed to address a specific Magento global search requirement that couldn’t be attained using Magento’s default function. Later it was further enhanced to address a requirement for a Magento store requiring a Magento extension for searching and ordering loose diamonds. This particular Magento extension has since been used for various other stores and has helped them address various drill down search requirements that would not have otherwise been possible.

This is the beauty about Magento and Magento extensions. In this case other customers have benefited greatly through the collective development effort offered to others. For a fraction of the cost store owners can add greater value to their own website that may other wise not have been feasible. My utilizing Magento extensions it eliminates the requirement of having to bare the cost of designing and developing the Magento extension on your own and at your own direct cost.

In other cases, Magento extensions play a vital part in addressing areas of operation where Magento ‘fails’ to address the specific customer needs for functions or processes they require. The availability of various and diverse extensions make this possible and provide a cost effective solution. This is what makes Magento the best eCommerce solution on the market and this is what makes Magento great.

Though it would seem that Magento is indeed trying to meet each and every eCommerce functional need available, it is natural that it can not always do so at the pace that such requirements are needed. However Magento has provided the framework and basis for custom Magento extension so fill the void and address such needs, limited only by the height of peoples vision, requirements and needs.

Utilizing Magento extensions will not only help address specific eCommerce needs, but considering the diverse ange fo extensions that are available, will also give you some great ideas of ‘what else’ can be done with the Magento store to help enhance its functionality and customer value. At the time of writing this article there are over 3,000 Magento extensions available and the number is growing daily.

Magento extensions add great value to stores because the offer a way for store owners to add creative and functional facilities to benefit store and its users. In some cases the Magento extensions themselves serve to address the entire fundamental purpose of the store. This is true in cases were the entire store concept is based on a function and facility made possible through the utilization of a particular custom developed Magento extension. An example of this is a pizza store using a custom post code delivery extension, filtering our all orders that fall outside the delivery zone. Or another one might be a music store offering downloadable music samples to customer prior to purchase. There are many such examples were specific Magento extensions make eCommerce possible.


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