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Magento configurable products series #3: Working with product types

In Magento, there are different types of products you can create, today we will continue Magento configurable product lesson. The standard product is a simple product. This type of product is used to sell basic products. However, there are other product types where you can choose options or a size

Getting ready

We will create a configurable product. For example, you want to buy a pair of shoes where you can choose their size and color. Open your backend and navigate to Catalog| Manage Products.

How to do it…

In the followingsteps, we will create a product (shoes) where we can specify their sizes on the product detail page:

1. Choose the following configuration when you hit the Add Product button:


magento configurable product-compressed
magento configurable product-compressed

2. When we click on Next, we have to choose the attributes to configure. This product has to be configurable on the Shoe size attribute. Select the checkbox and click on Continue.
3. Fill in there required attributes, and save the product by clicking on Save And Continue Edit.

To make a product visible in the store, check the Websites, Status, Visibility, Category, and Inventory attributes.

4. Navigate to the Associated Product stab where we will create the child products.
5. By adding the following configuration to the Quick simple product creation section, we will add five child products:

magento configurable product 2-compressed
magento configurable product 2-compressed

6. Click on the Quick Create button and repeat this four times with a different shoe size.

7. When everything goes well, the Super product attributes configuration section will look as follows:

magento configurable product3-compressed

8. Click on the Save And Continuebutton and the product is saved.

9. Navigate to the frontend and search for the product we just created. When we are on the product detail page, you will see a dropdown where you can choose the options we have just created.

How it works…

A configurable product is a product in which you will have to configure the options before adding it to the cart. The customer will see the configurable product in the cart, but in the background a simple product is also added to the cart.
That’s the reason we have to create simple products to use as options for the configurable product. The configurable product is the parent that is used to show the child products in the frontend. When a product is sold, the SKU of the selected child product will be used to process the order. That’s the reason the stock is configured on the child products.

There’s more…

In Magento, you can create six types of products. The following section gives a short description of what is possible with the different product types.

Simple product: A simple product is just a product that you can sell in your web shop. Every product in Magento has a unique ID (SKU)that mostlyhas the same value as the article code of the suppliers.

Configurable product:In this recipe, we created a configurable product. This product has child products that you can configure on the product detail page (for example, to configure the size). The child products are simple products.

Bundled product A bundled product is like a configurable product, but with this one you can specify more (optional) options. For a good exampleof a bundled product, you can go to Electronics| Computers| Build Your Own. The products in this category are bundled products.

Grouped product: A grouped product is a product that representsa set where you can specify the number of child products. A good example of this can be found in Furniture| Magento Red Furniture Set.

Virtual product: A virtual product is like a simple product but it is not physical. It has no inventory and can’t be
shipped. In the sample data, the warranties on the bundled products of the sample store are good examples of virtual products.

Downloadable product: A downloadable product is a productthat is not physical. When a customer buys a product like this, they will receive a download link where they can download their product such as a PDF, ZIP, MP3, or any other type of file.

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