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Magento 2.0 Tutorial: Install alpha version on online server

Hi guys, At this time, Magento 2.0 is the hot keywords on our Magento developers world. However, some of you can not install Magento 2.0 alpha version to check great its features. Therefore, today I will share you the easiest way to install Magento 2.0 on online server.

Let’s start!

Step 1: Copy the source code to your server You can get the source code at:


Step 2: Run puty to install composer

– Move to setup folder:

Cd folder_magento/setup

– Download Composer:

curl -sS | php

– Run Composer:

php composer.phar install


Step 3: Run Magento link You only follow the guide to run Magento.

It’s easy as a pieNow, you can work with Magento 2.0 anh explore its powerful features.

Remember to come back frequently, I will share you more tutorials about Magento 2.0 😀

Have a nice day!

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