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How I Built An Online Business In 24 Hours With $30 That Made $300 The First Day

As an entrepreneur, I find it hard to do nothing. I always want to be building something. That’s why, during the process of documenting a startup project I became frustrated so many times.

One day while I was waiting and I really couldn’t move forward on the project. I made a decision to build another ecommerce business

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1.Fast Forward


As an entrepreneur, nothing to do is a terrible feeling. It feels it exact opposite of progress, probably because it is hard for every beginners

I wondered if people actually were interested in the market that represented their community, then choose a right product for my startup.

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My time was very limited at this point. Therefor, I came to the decision. If I were to build a new business there would be several rules:

  • I had 24 hours to build it 
  • It had to be fully automated once live.

Under these rules, building the entire business would essentially act in-itself as the validation.

3.It’s Go Time… 23:59


  • Which ecommerce platform was I going to use?

 A lot of entrepreneurs are using Magento extensions for their eCommerce Startup stores and yeah, of course there must be a lot of reasons to it. Check here for more details 5 best benefits of using Magento in an e-commerce startup store



I was pretty tired and really had no idea what I was going to do for my marketing.  

Startups are often strapped for cash, crunched for time, and slammed with responsibilities. This kind of lean and agile operations need a particular kind of marketing power.

Startups can’t do every marketing activity in the book. They certainly can’t spend all the money they want. But they still need to do marketing. How?

  • Be social everywhere

Today’s startup culture has a dimension that is vastly different from the startup environment of years ago. Today, we have to grapple with the importance of social networks.

Keep in mind that not all startup social activity needs to happen on the big four (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+). Come here to know How to boost your startup store with social media 

  • Create tons of content

Content rules the web.

How can my online startup be successfull, I would talk about content marketing.

A company must be a producer of content, regardless of whatever other product or service they are involved in.

  • Respond quickly to email and social inquiries

Some of the best entrepreneurs I know respond to my emails instantly.

Basically, they know how to get stuff done.

Responding quickly is a courtesy. For startups, it reflects their passionate nature and go-get-’em attitude. They’re on top of their game.

More importantly, though, they know about “creating value for customers.” The startup should be all about the customers. If a startup neglects their users, they’ll let Twitter notifications languish and let emails pile up. Basically, they’ll start compromising their reputation.

5.Why You Should Start An Online Business Right Now

startan online business

No matter what entrepreneurs get a bad rep, I believe online businesses play an important part of the online entrepreneurship ecosystem. They are in many respects, they are can be started quickly and with no money.

The biggest problem I find among online entrepreneurs is:

  • They don’t know what to sell online – They spend months and months looking for a product, before giving up.
  • If they do find a great product and start their first business, they have no idea how properly market their product and business to drive traffic and convert that traffic to sales thus a great product or idea is squandered.

6.Followup Learnings And Resource Roundup


If you are too lazy to read everything above, I have rounded up all the resources below that you can use to build your own online store, fast!

Start by reading this :

Take these courses. They are free and should help:

Build your store with:



There you have it. A new business born in 24 hours with only $30. All in all, I had fun building it. The challenge of building a fully automated business in 24 hours was pretty exciting and the fact I was able to generate over $300 in sales in the first day was well beyond my expectations.

If you get the startup part right, then the business will take off. Follow these steps, and you’ll gain success for your startup.





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