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#13 General configuration: Currency setup

In this post you can set how your online store should work with currencies. It’s quite common to work with a single currency per Store View, but that isn’t mandatory:

currency configuration


Please note the following: ‹

  • The Default Display Currency field can only be set on the Website level. This is the currency that is used to display the price of your products.
  • If you want to use multiple stores using different default currencies, this automatically means that you need to create more Magento Websites. A Store View won’t work in such a case. ‹ If you want to allow other currencies besides the default one, you can enable them by clicking on them in the list. If you want to select multiple currencies, you should press the Ctrl key while you click on them.

The last things we are going to do for now is to set up some contact details in the Store Email Addresses section:

currency configuration 2


Magento works with various e-mail addresses that will be used as the sender of automatic messages by your store. Please make sure that you fill all of them. If you’re a small shop owner, it’s fine to use the same e-mail address for all fields, but just don’t leave the defaults.

You just started to set up and personalize your online store, and also know about the hundreds of possible settings that Magento offers. There’s much more actually, as you may have noticed that we only discussed the first part of the Configuration area. The other settings will be discussed during the upcoming chapters, and just at the moment when you need them.


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