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How to have an eye-catching look for online store in shopping season

If you want a new look for store on special occasions, Website Decoration Effect extension is a good choice to start.

With this module, you can create decorative effects without slowing down your site speed. Let customers stop by, stay longer and enjoy how awesome it looks. Are you ready to make them love your store at first sight?

Magento Tutorial - Magento Website Decoration


Special occasion such as Birthday, Christmas or New Year comes yearly but is still precious opportunity for you to make a longer list of customers. If you have already had a smart strategy to offer free gifts, promotion programs or something like that, do you think you need a little more effort to make it even better? Website Decoration Effect extension will help you perfect your first impression to your customers. Now, your dream store with snowflakes falling on Christmas Eve, colorful fireworks on New Year Event or shimmering candle lights on Birthday becomes real.

Magento Tutorial - Magneto Website Decoration - Frontend

It’s not as hard as you think to create a magic. Just by simple steps in backend, you can configure for effects shown on your website, such as the number of falling objects, size, color and falling speed of falling objects.

Magento Tutorial - Magento Website Decoration - 15

Use Website Decoration Effect as a magic wand to beautify your store.

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