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How to enable a store pickup in Magento

A number of our clients have asked recently how to add a Store Pick Up in Magento so I thought I’d write a little tutorial on how to do this as it’s super simple.  After a little research I have noticed that there are plug ins out there that state they can do it for you (providing you purchase the $$$ plug in!) but it can actually be done in Magento without the need of a plug in.

Now it is worth noting that perhaps the Plug In may be best recommended if you have numerous stores but if you only have the one or two stores then I am sure this DIY option would suffice.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to add a store pick up in Magento

1/ Log in to the back end of your Magento store

2/ Go to System then Configuration in your menu panel


3/ Go to Shipping Methods in the left navigation bar

4/ Under the “Flat Rate” tab change the drop down of “Enabled” to “Yes”


5/ Change the title to what you would like to state on the front end of your site, for example “Store Pick Up – Hull”

6/ Leave Method Name as “Fixed”

7/ Ensure “Type” is selected as “Per Order” within the drop down menu

8/ Enter “Price” as  0.00

9/Apply a “Handling Fee” if necessary, if not leave blank

10/ Keep the “Default Error Message” or change if you feel necessary

11/ Ensure the Ship to Applicable Countries” is selected as “Specific Countries”

12/ Highlight from the list of countries the country your shop is located


13/ Ensure that the “Show Method if Not Applicable” option is selected as “No”

14/ Click the “Save Config” button in the top right

And you’re done! Just double check that it all works correctly in the front end by placing a dummy order.

magento-store-pickup-4 I hope this tutorial has been useful and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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