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How to display different themes in a Magento store?

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As you may know, now people use many different devices to access Internet others than computers, such as: iPad, iPhone, cellphone… With fixed themes of Magento, your websites may be not compatible with all kinds of devices. Do you want to make sure that customers can view your store regardless of their devices and buy products from your store anywhere, anytime?

If your answer is YES, this article will give you a helpful solution to deal with this problem.

Theme Switcher free Magento extension is defiitely more convenient than any other ways. It lets store owner display different themes based upon customer’s devices

  • Auto-switch store layout based on access devices
  • Manage themes in back-end
  • Support computer, mobile, tablet devices

What is Themes Switcher?

Theme switcher is a free Magento extension which helps your store to change the layout automatically for different access devices. By using this extension, you can define different themes for each device. For instance, when customers view the store from a PC, it shows a full theme and when customers view it from their iPhones, it displays a simple theme.

 magento theme

How does Themes Switcher work?

When customers view your store, the module will first define which operating system is used on the devices. Afterwards, it will find out which type of browsers customer is using. Based upon the OS and browser, the system will display a corresponding theme.

Outstanding features

  • Easy installation and configuration.
  • Compatible with Magento Community Edition 1.4.x.x – 1.5.x.x – 1.6.x.x – 1.7.x.x.
  • Auto-switch store layout based upon the platforms and browsers of access devices.
  • Allow managing themes in back-end.
  • Allow choosing CMS homepage for each template
  • Show the default theme in case no theme is predefined.
  • Support 34 types of browsers.
  • Support 17 platforms.
  • It’s one of the top useful free Magento extensions

How to download and install Themes Switcher extension

Product link:

Visit Magestore website with the above link and you will find full instructions to download and install this free extension.

Hope this extension useful for you!





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