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How to Create Categories in the Magento Admin (part 1)

This article will guide you how to create a new category in the Magento Admin.


Selecting a Store

The first thing to do is select the store where you would like to add the category from the Choose Store View dropdown menu. The default is for all stores managed by the admin panel, but you can elect to create the category in only one of the stores by selecting that store.

After that, you will need to enter a name for the category which will appear on the sites selected.

You can then select the location the category will be located in. The default is Root Catalog, meaning the category will be a top-level category. If you select an existing category the new category will be created as a sub-category of the one you selected.

You can then enter a description, upload an image and enter meta information for the category.

Display Options

If you would like customers to be taken to a landing page – instead of the standard product listing page – when they select the category, you can select Static Block Only from the Display Mode dropdown.

Then select a static block from the CMS Block dropdown. This list will contain all the Static Blocks created in the Magento CMS. An example would be to create a Nike static block and direct all customers to that page when they select the Nike category.  There are three options in the Display Mode dropdow:

Display products only

If you don’t need this category to look particularly fancy, select this mode.  It will display the products you associated, the description you enter, and the image you upload. (If you want an image or description – if not, just leave these fields blank.)

Display only Static Block

Have a bunch of specific content you want to show for a certain category?  The “Static Block only” display mode will not display products on the page – it will only display the static block you select, making this page appear as a landing page to your customers.  Editing Static Blocks is done under the CMS menu. This is perfect if you want to get your customers excited about the category before showing them products.

*Tip:  Make this page an anchor category and let your customers use layered navigation to find their products after viewing the landing page!

In part one of this article, I give you basic steps in creating categories in the Magento Admin. In part two, I will mention the other option of the Display Mode dropdow: Display Static Block and products.

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