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Comparison of 4 most popular Magento Promotional Gift extensions

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Grasping the chance to boost sale for Holiday season, online store owners all over the world are trying to implement the most efficient ways to attract visitors to their websites and increase conversion rate. In the previous article, we have brought to you the comparison of 5 most popular Magento Gift Cards. Thanks for all visitors for their comments & feedbacks. Today comes the version of Promotional Gift Extension! Do you agree that offering free gifts can help improve customer’s loyalty and encourage them to buy more from your store? However there are a lot of providers out there, which provider should you choose and which criteria should you base on for your decision. Explore with us!

4 most popular Magento promotional gift extensions chosen for comparison are:

  1. Promotional Gift by Magestore
  2. Free Gift Pro by MageWorld
  3. Add Free Product to Cart by aheadWorks
  4. Auto Add Promo Items by Amasty

promotional gift 1

What really should be considered for your free gift programs?  We will divide our comparison article into 5 parts corresponding with 5 main criteria you are advised to keep in mind for promotional gift extension.

  • Create and set gifting rules
  • Configure gifts
  • Advertise free gift programs
  • Cost
  • Other policies

 1. Create and set gifting rules

Occasional free gifts will delight your customers, but if you offer free gifts everyday in every case, this may become counteractive. That is the reason why you should think about gifting rules and choose the extension which can bring you the most customizable gifing rules setting.

promotional gift 2promotional gift 3

2. Configure gifts

Choosing compelling gifts and offering them in a compelling ways will attract your customers. This is a real art!

promotional gift 4 promotional gift 5

3. Advertise free gift programs

When everything is ready, let your customer know about your programs. Don’t keep silent and wait for your customer to come. You have such a wide variety options: show gift label together with product image, show promotion message on shopping cart page or you can display information of free gift program via banner/message slider or popup window. The best case is to let them know when they first visit your website on your homepage or product page. And then, don’t forget to remind them on the shopping cart or checking out pages.

promotional gift 6

 Additional features for Promotional Gift program when installing

promotional gift 7

4. Cost

promotional gift 8

5. Other policies

promotional gift 9

As we can see, Promotional Gift by Magestore and Free Gift by Mageworld have most of functions for both customers and admin. However, Magestore’s promotional gift has more essential functions like: set quantity of each gift for each purchase rewarded; and especially support storeowners to assign more types of product as a gift: simple product, configurable product, bundle product, grouped product, virtual product and downloadable product…

Both extensions from Magestore and Mageworld have higher price than the rest in community edition, however the functions are really much better and the policies are quite good as well. To understand more about all of these extensions, you can find information from their official stores:

Promotional Gift
Promotional Gift by Magestore
Free Gift
Free Gift by MageWorld
Auto Add Promo Items
Auto Add Promo Items by Amasty
Add a free product
Add Free Product to Cart by aheadWorks


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