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Monitor your Magento Store with

Basically it’s the same simple Magento performance test you know and love, run every 6, 12 or 24 hours. If the results of the regular tests differ by more than your preset tolerance, you get an email warning you – simple. Magento Monitoring is free? Yes, that’s right. Paid up premium subscribers may monitor 5 stores, free members can monitor 1 store. Why would I monitor my store? I can think of two reasons; ...

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How to manage your customers in Magento

This post will show you one of the important functions in Magento, it is Customer management, including: create a new account, manage customer details and manage customer groups. New customers can sign up for your online store through the main page ->My account section. They should click on the [Create an Account] button and fill in the details:   You can add new customers or manage the existing one ...

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An other function of Composer with Magento

As far as we concerned, Composer is really useful at re-implementing code in PHP application or frame work. But now I want to consider it as a better package and dependency management system for Magento extensions. The post will take you some minutes to read all but do not quit because I believe you will find many things really useful. From the basic knowledge We all know about PEAR, right? PEAR was built u ...

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Magento delete empty categories and sub-categories

Remove all empty categories and sub-categories in Magento. When there are empty categories, the website shows empty page in those categories in frontend. Create a file in the magento root, I will name it rmvEmptyCats.php, with following code: require "app/Mage.php"; umask(0); Mage::app();   $categoryCollection = Mage::getModel('catalog/category')->getCollection()     ->addFieldToFilter('level', array( ...

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How to upload File and Link in CMS Page

Sometimes the editor in magento or any other cms can be confusing and it is not obvious how to do a simple task. This short Guide is how to upload a file and link it within a cms page. Follow the steps listed here and refer to the image for reference to which buttons to use. Open the CMS page which you want to edit and follow these steps. Highlight the text which you want to link and click Link icon. In lin ...

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New Magento eBook: The Rules (and Tools) for Successful Customer Engagement

Learn tips and strategies you can use to drive repeat sales and brand loyalty Just a few short years ago, customer engagement meant attracting customers with the promise of great deals and moving them as quickly as possible to checkout. Now, with almost endless product choices, media channels, and new shopping experiences vying for customers’ attention, customer engagement is about cutting through the noise ...

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Magento Developers’ Guide – Part 12: The Helpers

Now, Magento Tutorial will show you the way to create your own helper in Magento. 1. What's a helper? "Helper" is an object that will contain practival functions for you and you can call it from anywhere, you just load your helper to use it. For example: $helper = Mage::helper('monhelper'); Note that it's equivalent to : $helper = Mage::helper('monhelper/data'); Indeed, it is the default helper « data » wic ...

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7 Magento Optimization quick tips for faster load speed

One of the most difficult things to do with a Magento site is to make it load faster. Due to the complex nature of how the Magento system works, even if you have a low graphics home page theme you will find that it will take 3-4 seconds for a standard category page to load. Should you load your theme up with heavy graphics usage, that load time can increase to 5-10 seconds. Here are some tips we recommend t ...

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7 tips to pick a best theme for your Magento Online Store

Developing an ecommerce store is the best way to improve scalability of your business. The first and foremost thing you’d require when you plan to set up an ecommerce store is the platform on which it is going to be raised upon. Given the current trend, majority of websites are raised on Magento as it is proved to be a brilliant platform with plentiful features. The open source nature of this platform adds ...

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How to hide other shipping methods when free shipping is enabled?

When free shipping method is enabled, it is shown along with other available shipping methods unlike free payment method ‘Zero Subtotal Checkout’. There is no harm in showing other payment methods along with free shipping method. Nevertheless some merchants wants to hide rest of the methods when it is enabled. There are many ways to do it. One of the way is to override the method: Mage_Checkout_Block_Onepag ...

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