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Comparison of 5 most popular Magento Gift Card extensions for boosting year-end sales

Holiday season is coming and it’s the right time for store-owners to boost their business before the end of the year. If you also wish to maximize your sales this upcoming occasion, just prepare right now. Among hundreds of promotional tools in the market, many store owners select Gift Card which allows customers to send vouchers to their friends as a gift in holidays. However, you may concern about the dif ...

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How to remove Google Checkout from “Shop by” section in Search results?

In this tutorial, we show you steps by steps how to remove Google Checkout from "Shop by" section in Search results. Google Checkout section is shown in Shop By block of Magento's search results page: To disable this section you need to switch enable_googlecheckout attribute to not be used in layered navigation: Open Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes page in Magento backend Locate enable_google ...

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Magento: Direct SQL Queries

Hi friends, After the short tutorial few days ago, I would like to share with you more knowledge in this article. This topic is a little bit tricky so please follow me closely :) To start with, Magento uses data models which provide a great way to access and modify data. Varien uses aptly named methods and clever abstraction to hides away the complex SQL, which is needed when performing data operations. Whi ...

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Magento Community Tutorials #54 – Custom Product Options

The 54th tutorial for Magento Commerce Community Edition. This tutorial shows you how to create custom options for products that maybe be a bit more unique than a standard product. Here we show you the dropdown menu as well as checkbox options. [video id="OJuB1LDKfMU" type="youtube"] ...

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Display Items Custom Option On Product Listing Page

Have you ever been struggled with showing custom options of products in Magento? Of course there are plenty of extensions on the market providing this function, but why spending time on researching and comparing when you could do it yourself with a little twist. This post actually is a short tutorial to guide you how to archive this task on the product listing page. Just simply copy and paste code below int ...

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How to Programmatically Add Product to Cart with Price Change in Magento

How to Programmatically Add Product to Cart with Price Change in Magento Use the following code to programmatically add product to cart with price change: Event: checkout_cart_product_add_after [crayon-553c5131ae565844965182/]   Event: checkout_cart_update_items_after [crayon-553c5131ae578558456239/]   Recommended reading: Top 5 Best magento hosting ...

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How to add Product Images To Your magento Navigation Menu

How to add Product Images To Your magento Navigation Menu? Recently, we had a request to add product images to the navigation menu for a client. We found a pretty neat solution which maintains itself well and can be seen in action here. This feature is asked by many magento users, so we decide to write a tutorial on this. As standard, Magento comes with a navigation menu which pulls in all of your categorie ...

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How to create Custom Magento URL Rewrites

URL rewrites are a great tool for a non Magento Developers to use in order to take control of their site, help a site migration or just to move a few things around. But for custom rewrites it can be a little confusing. Here is a simple guide to Creating Custom Magento URL Rewrites: Find Magento URL Rewrite Management - by going to Catalog > Rewrite Management Select Add URL Rewrite Select the custom opti ...

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How to disable Magento default newsletter transactional emails

Not everyone is satisfied with Magento’s options regarding newsletters so they choose to use some 3rd party service (like MailChimp). In that case it might be a good idea to disable Magento’s default newsletter transactional emails and let that other 3rd party service take care of emails. In this tutorial I’ll demonstrate how to disable those default Magento’s newsletter transactional emails. For start we’l ...

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Magento Community Edition Now Available

Let’s give a big welcome to Magento Community Edition 1.8! This new edition improves tax calculations, boosts product quality and stability, enhances performance, and advances security for the rapidly growing Magento community. Key highlights include: Enhanced Tax Calculations  Magento Community Edition 1.8 improves tax calculation accuracy for VAT merchants and eliminates potential rounding errors that can ...

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