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Magento tutorial

Magento tutorials from the library of Magento Academy with valuable Magento e-book, step-by-step tutorial, full HD Magento tutorial video about Magento extension, themes.

Enable Different Language For Magento Store

1. To Enable Different Language For Your Magento Store goto System->Manage Stores. 2. Click on the “Create Store View”, Here you find four required fields as follows : Store ———-> Select Your Store Name ———> Fill Any Relevant Name (English) Code ———-> Fill Any Relevant Code (english) Status ———> Select ...

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How to fix the 10 most common Magento problems (part 2)

In the previous tutorial, we’ve learnt how to fix 5 most common Magento problems. Today we continue with last five problems. 6. How to disable the Compare products functionality You can disable the Compare products functionality in Magento by following these steps: Edit app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/Helper/Product/Compare.php and change the following code:  public function getAddUrl($product) ...

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Uncancelling a Magento order

A Magento order could be cancelled by mistake, but there is no way to undo this action – at least not in the GUI. There might be excellent third party modules providing this functionality, but you could also write just a simple PHP-script to accomplish the same task. The clue ...

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