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Magento tutorial for beginners completed series – Discovering Magento a easier way with Step-By-Step installation videos about product, themes, extension.

Magento tutorial: How To Create A Simple Module in Magento 2.0

Magento tutorial understand that Magento 2 will be released in a near future, so it is necessary to develop modules for the new system. To solve this case, we give you this interesting Magento extension tutorial, which compare Magento 1 and Magento 2 in some features below, and give you a step-by-step tutorial about creating a simple module in Magento 2. Let's start! 1. Differences between Magento 1.0 and M ...

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[Recommend] Create a Magento mobile site for FREE

With Magento tutorial experience in e-commerce, we realize that: without a mobile site, Google will start to block your website from searches done from smartphones, you risk losing visitors with a cluttered and off-putting site, with an inability to access information.  If you don’t have a Magento mobile version of your website, you might be losing more than you though.  70% of mobile searches results in an ...

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Folder Structure and Database System in Magento (part 2)

Magento tutorial for beginners : In the part 1, Magento tutorial team have introduce to you the folder structure in Magento in Folders Structure and Database System in Magento (part 1) . To day, we will finish this tutorial by part 2: Magento data base system Database System in Magento Unlike other platforms, Magento uses the database model EAV. The strength of this model is its flexibility to use the prope ...

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Folders Structure and Database System in Magento (part 1)

Here is the guide from Magento tutorial for beginners team  about the Folders Structure and Database System in Magento. The post is clear and make sense, hope you love this tutorial! MAGENTO FOLDER STRUCTURE   1.  Magento Folder Structure Magento is constructed based on object-oriented programming under MVC. The Magento code system is stored in the form of dispersion in order to increase the expansion ...

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Magento tutorial for beginners: Architecture of Magento

Magento tutorial for beginners: Architecture of Magento Magento is built on top of the Zend Framework, ensuring that the code base will be secure and scalable. There are many reasons for choosing the Zend Framework, but the main one is that Zend provides an object-oriented library of code with a committed company standing behind it. Using this framework, Magento was built with 3 central tenets in mind. – Fl ...

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Magento tutorial for beginners: 5 Steps to Upgrade Magento to 1.9 version

Magento tutorial for beginners: How to upgrade Magento to 1.9 version within 5 steps! As Magento 1.9 has more advantages as more necessary we have to upgrade our system to this version. Today, Magento tutorial for beginners helps you upgrade your Magento to version 1.9 within 5 steps below:  STEP 1: - Enabling the maintenance mode before upgrade magento to 1.9 To upgrade magento to 1.9, It is important to c ...

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How to install Magento on Local host – XAMP

Welcome to Magento tutorial for beginners, as we know, When installing Magento, we often have so many questions because we miss some steps or the author don't give you all the steps to have a easy installation. Today, I will give you a visual installation process of How to install Magento on Local host - XAMP - A very popular and powerful but also very light local host . You can download Xamp on its homepag ...

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How To Create A Simple Module

Magento tutorial or beginners >> Magento extension tutorial: Have you read magento tutorial: Install alpha version on online server ? Well, to make a Magento website perfectly, we absolutely need to create many module. In this tutorial, I will give the easiest way to create a simple Magento module. Now, let's start! 1.  Create a simple module on Magento 1.x [magento tutorial] First, we will remind how ...

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Magento 2.0 Tutorial: Install alpha version on online server

Hi guys, At this time, Magento 2.0 is the hot keywords on our Magento developers world. However, some of you can not install Magento 2.0 alpha version to check great its features. Therefore, today I will share you the easiest way to install Magento 2.0 on online server. Let's start! Step 1: Copy the source code to your server You can get the source code at: https://github.com/magento/magento2   Step 2: ...

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How to display different themes in a Magento store?

Hi buddies,  welcome to magento tutorial for beginners! As you may know, now people use many different devices to access Internet others than computers, such as: iPad, iPhone, cellphone… With fixed themes of Magento, your websites may be not compatible with all kinds of devices. Do you want to make sure that customers can view your store regardless of their devices and buy products from your store anywhere, ...

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