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Magento tutorial for beginners

Magento tutorial for beginners completed series – Discovering Magento a easier way with Step-By-Step installation videos about product, themes, extension.

#14 Setting up the taxes

Introduction Calculating and setting up your tax system isn’t maybe the first thing you would think of when starting your online store. But it is a very important step to take and the best time to do it is right now, before you set up your product catalog. Magento offers ...

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#13 General configuration: Currency setup

In this post you can set how your online store should work with currencies. It’s quite common to work with a single currency per Store View, but that isn’t mandatory:   Please note the following: ‹ The Default Display Currency field can only be set on the Website level. This is ...

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#12 Search engine optimization for your store

You might have noticed that we did not mention the first fields of the Web section, named, Url Options and Search Engine Optimization. The default settings are generally fine, but it’s still good to know a little bit more on this subject. When working with Magento, or any other web ...

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#11 General settings for your new store


Once this is clear, it’s time to actually go through the settings of Magento and make changes wherever needed. Navigate to System | Configuration using the menu. In there, the first screen you’ll see is the General section holding data, such as your base country and countries that are allowed. ...

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86 Epic Promotional Ideas for Holiday Campaigns [FREE]

Hey guys, Year end sale season finally comes. Imagine that you are a Magento store owner who always thinks of new ways to run promotion campaign, especially when big holidays are coming. You must be afraid of being left behind. Why not take action right now? Yes, it’s NOW. To ...

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#10 Magento tutorial for beginners: Managing Stores

Before we jump into the configuration part, it is good to know about the concept of Websites, Stores, and Store Views in Magento. One of Magento’s strong points is the possibility of adding multiple online stores within the same Magento installation. Using this, for example, you have the possibility of running multiple stores ...

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#9 Magento tutorial for beginners: Setting up your store


The System menu, in the top-right corner, will give you almost everything you need to configure your online store. Almost everything, because some settings, such as taxes for instance, will be set up somewhere else. More about taxes later on in this chapter, but let’s first have a look at what the System ...

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#8 Magento tutorial for beginners: Magento Dasboard


Before you can actually start creating products and do the first sales, there’s a lot you need to understand about Magento. Flexibility is its strength, but that also means that there’s a lot to learn and do before being able to do sales. In the previous chapter, we did an empty local ...

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#7 How to install Magento on Local host on Mac


In the previous post, we have learned about How to install Magento on Local host – XAMPP , however, some of you using Mac, which run a different operate system with windows. So in this post, Magento tutorial for beginners channel will show you How to install Magento on Local host on Mac. ...

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Magento tutorial for beginners: Technical definition of Magento

what is magento

We have receive many e-mail with the content that our Magento beginners don’t have a clear definition of Magento. To day Magento tutorial for beginners will give you guys the completed answer of the question ”What is Magento?” by updating our famous old post What is Magento?. This post below ...

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