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Top 10 best responsive Magento theme for multiple purposes

Magento one of popular eCommerce CMS which enables you to build online stores.  Best of all, Magento community edition is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone. Today I would like to share 10 best responsive magento themes for your inspiration. The basic idea of responsive web design is to have a layout that is not bound to a particular screen size, but instead adapts flexibly to diff ...

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Simi Mobile Site Theme – FREE Magento Mobile Theme

  Hey guys, Magestore has released a new Magento Mobile Theme named Simi Mobile Site Theme. This mobile site theme will drive your website into a mobile optimized site that can be accessed via any mobile web browsers. Let's see more about this theme! How it works Whenever customers enter your store from a mobile web browser, their mobile devices will be detected by mobile site theme. Immediately, they ...

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What is responsive web design with Magento?

Response is a natural behavior of humans and animals. Without it, people can’t communicate with others and express themselves. It’s a primitive human need and it has been present since birth, and this need never regresses. In the world of today, people need it more than ever. That is the reason why there are so many high-speed technologies being developed today. People need immediate responses. People need ...

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Creating custom router in Magento

How to create custom router, as many of us use the standard router? You should know that Magento has four types of the routers: admin, standard, cms and default – they are loading in the order we’ve described. But, have you ever faced with such configuration? <routers>     <atwixtest>         <use>standard</use>         <args>             <module>Atwix_Test</module> ...

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How to update all products inventory to use config settings

Magento Tutorial now will show you a solution for a Magento problem. When you imported products for your Magento site. Somehow, all products do not use default settings for inventory anymore. Each product has its own configuration for inventory, like below picture: In this case, it causes some problems for his site when creating orders in back-end. It will displays this error message: "The stock item for Pr ...

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Testing Automation In Magento: The Practicalities Of Using Locators

When automating tests for Magento you may encounter certain difficulties with using Secret Key in URL and with MD5 code in the IDs of most buttons. Using  Secret Key in URL will not allow you to refer to the necessary address directly, instead you will be able to find it only by clicking through the relevant elements one by one. This can considerably complicate the whole test writing process and significant ...

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Set the default direction or ordering for Magento category-pages

On Magento category-pages you can select how to view the available products: By price, name or relevance, and ascending or descending. Within the Magento backend, the default ordering (price, name or relevance) can be configured but strangely enough the default direction (ascending or descending) not. Here is a XML layout update that allows you to do this anyway. What is a XML layout update? XML-layouts are ...

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