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Magento theme tutorial completed lessons– Everything about Magento themes tutorial from download, install, configure, and customize a Magento theme

Magento theme tutorial 1.8: Adding extra files to your theme

In the previous recipe of Magento theme tutorial 1.8, we set up our theme with one CSS file. Mostly, you want to add some more files to it (when you are using a JavaScript plugin or something). Getting ready We will add an extra CSS and JavaScript file to our theme. To do this, we have to work in the following two directories: app/design/frontend/packt/default/layout skin/frontend/packt/default How to do it ...

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Magento theme tutorial: Creating a Magento 1.8 theme

This post belongs to magento tutorial, in this magento theme tutorial we will create a package with a default theme in it. At a later stage, we can add more themes in this package, which extend the default theme that we will create in this chapter. Getting ready for creating  a Magento theme tutorial The first step of this Magento theme tutorial, open your IDE and navigate to the theme folder (app/design/fr ...

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Magento theme tutorial 1.8 series: Configuring Magento themes and packages

This is Magento theme tutorial chanel, offering developers valuable knowledge about Magento template. Magento works with multiple themes. You can configure more themes in the same store. A common case is that you have a theme of your shop and some inherited themes based on the shop theme. This Magento theme tutorial will give you the way to configure templates and packages Getting ready for practicing by th ...

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Magento theme tutorial 1.8 Series: Introduction

We have launched a new series of Magento theme tutorial for version 1.8 of Magento. When you want to make your sample Magento 1.8 site ready for use, the first thing most people want to change is the look and feel of the shop. The first impression a visitor has of your site is the look and feel. In this chapter, we will cover the most important things you can do with a Magento theme. Customizing the standar ...

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[Recommend] Create a Magento mobile site for FREE

With Magento tutorial's experience in e-commerce, especialy in Magento theme tutorial, we realize that: without a mobile site, Google will start to block your website from searches done from smartphones, you risk losing visitors with a cluttered and off-putting site, with an inability to access information.  If you don’t have a Magento mobile version of your website, you might be losing more than you though ...

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Magento theme tutorial: Mastering Magento Theme Design within 3 days!

Start read this magento tutorial now! Within 3 days, we promise that you could master design with our Magento theme tutorial, that allows you to easily customize a available theme, which you downloaded from Internet. [caption id="attachment_3824" align="alignleft" width="200"] magento theme tutorial[/caption] Is this book about Magento theme tutorial? The answer is yes, this book explores Magento theme desi ...

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14 Modern, most voted, Free magento themes January 2015

Hot! Magento theme tutorial share premium theme for Magento! For this collection magento tutorial team promise that you haven't to go any website and search for key word '' free magento themes'' any more. Yes, because here is the 11 clear, modern, easy customization templates and magento tutorial team share them as free magento themes. Download all of them for having more choices when customize a magento we ...

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9+ Free magento themes from themeforest PREMIUM collection.

Magento tutorial team welcomes you to our home! Still shock with our posts? Share 10 responsive premium magento themes for free Collection Top 5 best & free magento themes of 2014 Top 10 responsive Magento themes for multiple purposes That's awesome, right? But hey, it do not stop! Magento theme tutorial will surprise you with a new and updated collecttion premium magento themes from themeforest below. ...

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SHARE 10 responsive & premium as free Magento themes

Hi everyone, today magento tutorial team will share with all of you a awesome collection of 10 responsive magento themes of many famous themes provider. Howerver, you will get all of them without spending anything! All of them we share for free, you could call it now as free magento themes ^^, so register to receive more special gifts like that from magentotutoria.net. Also you should visit posts : Top 10 r ...

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Collection Top 5 best & free Magento themes of 2014

Welcome to Magento theme tutorial channel. In the begining days of 2015,  follow the trend, Magento tutorial team introduce to you Top 10 free magento themes in 2014! These themes were collected all around the world, with the most pleasured of many famous magento developers. So, you can trust and try these magento themes without any doubt about quality and perfomance. 1. Jm purity - Free magento themes A fr ...

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