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Magento theme tutorial

Magento theme tutorial completed lessons– Everything about Magento themes tutorial from download, install, configure, and customize a Magento theme

Magento theme tutorial 1.8: Changing a page title

In the previous chapter, we added some CSS and JavaScript files to the <head> tag of the HTML. To change the page title, we have to do it in a similar way. We will change the page title of the contacts page that is available at http://magentodev.local/contacts. Let’s start:   To ...

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Magento theme tutorial: Creating a Magento 1.8 theme

magento tutorial theme

This post belongs to magento tutorial, in this magento theme tutorial we will create a package with a default theme in it. At a later stage, we can add more themes in this package, which extend the default theme that we will create in this chapter. Getting ready for creating ...

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Magento theme tutorial 1.8 series: Configuring Magento themes and packages


This is Magento theme tutorial chanel, offering developers valuable knowledge about Magento template. Magento works with multiple themes. You can configure more themes in the same store. A common case is that you have a theme of your shop and some inherited themes based on the shop theme. This Magento ...

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