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[Recommend] Create a Magento mobile site for FREE

With Magento tutorial's experience in e-commerce, especialy in Magento theme tutorial, we realize that: without a mobile site, Google will start to block your website from searches done from smartphones, you risk losing visitors with a cluttered and off-putting site, with an inability to access information.  If you don’t have a Magento mobile version of your website, you might be losing more than you though ...

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Cut down the cost and Improve the quality – The trend of Magento e-commerce

According to a research made by Magento tutorial, Magento e-commerce development service now is divide by many of the web application development companies in the world. However, with the purpose to cut down the cost and improve the quality of Magento service, you have select a company that has experienced web development team and matchless track record around the word, may be they provide themes, extension ...

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Amazing Magento Developer Test Tool – Magento tutorial

Hi Guys, How do you familiar with Magento? This is a interesting question for Magento developers community. Some of us are expert in this field but some others are just basic users. To answer this question, to estimate your knowledge, there is no way better than take a test.  Today, I received an interesting email from Magestore - Top Magento Provider in the world. They have released a Magento Test Tool for ...

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Simi Mobile Site Theme – FREE Magento Mobile Theme

Hey guys, Magestore has released a new Magento Mobile Theme named Simi Mobile Site Theme. This mobile site theme will drive your website into a mobile optimized site that can be accessed via any mobile web browsers. Let's see more about this theme with Magento theme tutorial! How this magento mobile theme works Whenever customers enter your store from a mobile web browser, their mobile devices will be detec ...

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eBay is splitting up with Paypal

A big breakup is happening in the business world. Online retailing giant eBay is splitting up with its payments operation, PayPal, sometime in 2015. The move comes at a prime opportunity for PayPal, as the future of online payments is still being charted. When PayPal first came on the scene in the late 1990s, it simplified making online purchases in a way that users adopted, fast. "PayPal made it possible f ...

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Get 20% discount when buying any gift extensions from Magestore

Hey guys,  Magestore has released their promotional campaign with three gift products: Gift Card, Gift Wrap and Promotional Gift. You can get 20% discount on these extensions.  For more information about this program, you can visit blog Magestore at the following link:  http://blog.magestore.com/2014/09/22/gift-extensions-for-year-end-sales/ Or below I will show their announcement:  Say Yes to Gift extensio ...

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3 benefits free shipping brings to your business

As you all know, one of the most important sources of sales for your store is free shipping, so here are three ways free shipping can help you grow. Let's start now! 1. Free Shipping Will Increase the Volume of Your Sales Today, convenience is king. If you are not making the shopping experience easier for the consumer, then there are few reasons why someone should come to your online store. According to Com ...

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Magento Go and ProStores will be discontinued from February 2015

Hi guys,  As Magento announced on 1 July 2014, they will discontinue two e-commerce platforms for medium-sized online retailers on 1 February 2014 and Bigcommerce will transition Magento clients to its e-commerce platform for free.  Magento will continue to offer the Enterprise and Community editions of its e-commerce platform, which are geared toward larger e-retailers. Craig Peasley, Magento’s senior dire ...

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Top 5 best Magento POS app for retail stores

“Until 2018, if you will not have a mobile POS app, you will be left behind” is rooted from the Infogroup’s report  about situation of point of sale in the world. Getting a mobile point of sale for your Magento stores seem to be a must in this mobile era. But the most difficult thing is to choose the most suitable m-POS app among various types in the market. Frankly, it’s simple. All you have to do is pick ...

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4 key Magento extensions to improve sales

Hi guys, Magento, an open-source platform for ecommerce over the years has become quite stable and trustworthy. Thus, the craze for Magento ecommerce stores among business entrepreneurs is improving steadily. Magento websites can deliver high-quality outputs with the help of the powerful infrastructure it withholds. For those that spend precious dollars on presenting an aesthetic front-end experience to the ...

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