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Magento tutorial: Form validation in Magento

As you know, Magento uses Prototype as javascript library.  It provides a simple way to validate html form values. Below is an example: <form name=”my-form” id=”my-form” method=”post”> <label for=”firstname”> < ?php echo $this->__(‘First name’) ?> <span>*</span></label><br /> <input  id=”firstname” name=”firstname”/> <label  for=”lastname”> < ?php echo $this->__(‘Last name’) ?>  <span>*</span></label><br /> ...

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Magento theme tutorial: How to install a Magento Theme

Magento is becoming one of the best E-commerce store which is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. With this rate of increasing popularity, many existing and new stores are bound to migrate or start with Magento pretty soon. Although, Magento is quite good but it requires proper knowledge before you ...

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