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Creating a Magento Account You can open a free Magento account from our website. The email address that you use can be associated with only one Magento account, and the screen name that you enter becomes your identity in the Magento forums. To create a Magento account: 1. Visit the ...

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Why Your Heart Say Magento Community But Your Brain Say Magento Enterprise?


  Hi buddies, If you’re looking to create your own e-Commerce site, you might’ve come across Magento. We all know that magento run the world nowadays because of many benefits of using Magento in an e-commerce startup store. And both Magento Community and Enterprise Editions provide outstanding platforms for building your ...

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What I Have Learned From Losing $1000.000

Reaching that first million, keeping that first million and continuing to make more money afterwards isn’t easy.  I bought expensive houses and fancy cars, because I hadn’t adjusted my mindset to prepare for and be a good agent of that amount of money. I quickly blew through the cash. I ...

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Magento theme tutorial 1.8 series: Adding jQuery support

magento theme tutorial

This post belongs to Magento theme tutorial 1. 8 series of Magento Academy, we hope that this post will give some valuable knowledge about jQuery. Magento 1.8 and earlier versions didn’t use jQuery in the frontend and backend. The library that Magento uses for the JavaScript functionality is Prototype. When ...

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Magento configurable products series #3: Working with product types

magento configurable product image

In Magento, there are different types of products you can create, today we will continue Magento configurable product lesson. The standard product is a simple product. This type of product is used to sell basic products. However, there are other product types where you can choose options or a size ...

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