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Top 5 affordadble Magento hosting

Which one is best magento hosting among many hosting providers you can see out there? Is there a proper answer to this question?

In this article, you will find the list of 5 affordable Magento hosting that meet Magento System Requirement and they also come with professional support on hosting/Magento issues. I have also rated these hosting based on real user reviews and also, my own experience.

Best magento hosting

Web Host Magento Installation Theme Installation Magento Support Specials Rating Price
SiteGround  1-Click Instal FREE Professional Installation FREE & Magento Optimized 24/24 Live chat Hosting & Application Issues FREE SuperCaching FREE CDN for More Speed 10 $3.95/mo
Nexcessnexcess magento hosting 1-Click Install Free & Magento Optimized Hosting & Some Application Issues FREE SuperCaching FREE CDN for More Speed 9.9 $7.95/mo necxess magento hosting
HostGatorhostgator magento hosting 1-Click Install No 24/24 Live chat Hosting & Application Issues FREE SuperCaching FREE CDN for More Speed 9.8 $3.96/mo blue host magento hosting
Arvixearvixe magento hosting 1-Click Installation FREE Professional Installation No 24/24 Live chat Hosting & Application Issues FREE CDN + Life-time free domain 9.7 $4/mo arvixe magento hosting
BlueHostBlue Host magento hosting 1-Click Install No Hosting Issues Only FREE CDN 9.7 $4.95/mo Blue host


What is the most prominent features of these top 5 best magento hosting?

1. Siteground.

SiteGround Magento Hosting

  • UNLIMITED Disk space, Bandwidth, Domains.
  • Price: $3.95/MONTH (60% OFF NOW the regular $9.95/mo).
  • 30 DAY Money Back Guarantee.
  • Home page:

2. Nexcess.

  • UNLIMITED Disk space, Bandwidth, Domains.
  • Price: $6/month
  • 30 DAY Money Back Guarantee.
  • Home page:

3. Hostgator.

Hostgastor Magento Hosting

  • UNLIMITED Disk space, Bandwidth, Domains.
  • Price: $3.96/MONTH. (Enter coupon code: Magentotutorial to get 25% more discount)
  • 45 DAY Money Back Guarantee.
  • $100 GOOGLE ADWORDS Credit (US only).
  • Home page:

4. Arvixe.

arvixe - Magento Hosting

  • UNLIMITED Disk space, Bandwidth, Domains.
  • Price: $4/MONTH. Use coupon MAGENTO25OFF to get 25% OFF for first order
  • 60 DAY Money Back Guarantee.
  • Home page:

5. BlueHost.

Bluehost magento hosting

  • UNLIMITED Disk space, Bandwidth, Domains.
  • Price: $4.95/month
  • 30 DAY Money Back Guarantee.
  • Home page:


When building a Magento ecommerce store, make sure that you choose the right hosting. A good hosting is one that meets Magento system requirement, server up time>95%, support team is good at resolving basic Magento issues. Also, don’t forget to check real user reviews to ensure that you’re not hosting your site on a bad/untrusted hosting provider. When your shared hosting can’t handle your site as traffic and product numbers exceeded server capacity, then it’s the time to turn to Magento VPS hosting. With big-sized business, I strongly recommend using Dedicated hosting so that you can easily deal with DDOS, server issues and don’t rely on 3rd party organization.

Also, remember to choose a hosting that is placed in the country of your Market so that your website will have better ranking on Search Engine result page. My last advice: Never go for free Magento hosting, this is not good for your long-term business as free Magento hosting has very limited support and server specifications almost don’t meet Magento system requirement

Have any question or feedbacks? Drop a line below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great review, I’ve been looking for a good and stable magento hosting for my magento ecommerce store.

  2. Hi Eric, what type of hosting should I use for my magento store. I has about 600 daily visit and about 1200 products
    Thanks in advance

  3. Thanks for the lists, I’ve been using SiteGround magento hosting for 3 years and it’s very stable, meets most of my requirement, however, site loading speed seems not good. I don’t know that is due to Magento platform or SiteGround hosting. Any suggestion?

  4. Hostgator is my choice, they offer many interesting promotion!

  5. I’m using Nexcess magento hosting, its price is higher but this hosting is worth paying for. Never met any problem with hosting since using their service. Also, there support is great. Highly recommend!

  6. Nexcess offer hosting packages that are suitable for medium-sized business. If your store does not have too many visitors, just try hostgator. Their support is quick and helpful.

  7. I like Nexcess much, their support response is immediate. on the other hand Amazon EC2 and rackspace cloud is very good options for big databases website. Magento workds super fast on Nexcess Light Speed Server.

  8. Thanks for sharing these magento hosting which are in the top list. And I would recommend Siteground.

  9. Thanks for the comparison, I decide to use Nexcess after reading your recommendation. It best fit my need. Hope everything will be alright

  10. I been using for my magento store and found there special ecommerce hosting package really cheap and server performance with nginx is really fast and effective

  11. Hi Eric, thanks for your review, I finally chose Siteground as hosting for my website. It’s been running smoothly for 1 month, there’s no issue till now. Highly recommend!

  12. Good review. I’m also using Siteground for my business, it’s been performing well for 1 year.
    However, I might need to upgrade hosting package as my site will reach 10.000+ visitor/month very soon.

    • Thank you! about your concern, I think you can upgrade your hosting plan to GrowBig, it’s good for store with 10k+ monthly visitors

  13. From my experience with your suggested hosting list:
    – Best magento hosting: SiteGround
    – Best wordpress hosting: Hostgator
    – Best Joomla hosting: bluehost

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. Actually, SiteGround is also optimized for WordPress platform. You can see many wordpress tutorial on SiteGround

  14. Nexcess is nice because they are optimized for Magento hosting. Those guys really get the inner-workings of Magento.

  15. Hi Eric,

    Just starting out here but wanted to know what type of hosting should I use for my magento store. My product list is now at 3000.


    • Hi Felix,
      With 3000 products, I think you may consider GrowBig package of SiteGround. More detail here:
      Besides, It also depends on number of visitors/month. If you have about 40.000-50.000 visitor/month, my advice is VPS plan of SiteGround. Shared hosting can’t afford such huge traffic
      Also, don’t forget to optimize your pagesize, keep it lower than 1.8mb (check page size here: )

  16. I have not used siteground but I have used hostgator and blue host. I want to taste site ground.

  17. With shared hosting, SiteGround is my choice due to its stability. Server up-time always remains at 99%, I never encountered hosting down since I use SiteGround
    For Vps, I recommend you guys to use HostGator VPS plan, because simply, it’s affordable and powerful. I’m using Hostgator for my business site and SiteGround for its Blog

  18. kamruzzaman royal

    Thanks for sharing. I have a Magento shop and I was looking for a hosting solution for my shop and found this post, but i would like to know your personal opinion, which is the best ?


    • If money is not a big deal, the best hosting is Nexcess, they are dedicated to Magento. If you want an affordable and good support for Magento, SiteGround is the best choice. Their support staff have good knowledge about common magento issues

  19. We have had great experience with ProperHost ( They provide Magento hosting only, and their servers are extremely fast with the latest SSD upgrade. They use LiteSpeed Server and Percona Server similar to Nexcess.

    Check They even rank above Nexcess $600/mo dedicated server. Highly recommended!

  20. Thank you very much for the list. One of my main concern is will hosting with company based outside UK for .uk domain have an impact on ranking.

    • Hi Irfran, about ranking, it mainly depends on domain, not hosting. Hosting will have impact on site load speed.
      If you want to rank well in UK, get a UK domain and buy a hosting in UK or Europe so that customers can access your site more quickly

  21. Keep on working, great job!

  22. Hi Eric, is SiteGround magento hosting is good for SEO? I’m looking for a SEO optimized hosting

  23. I’ve been using Nexcess for Magento hosting and SiteGround for my wordpress blog, I love their professional support

  24. I’m using JustHost. Magento works fine there.

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