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Best commercial TV advertisements

Today, the development speed of Internet is truly amazing. Understand the importance of promoting products online, many businesses are investing in commercial advertisements and Youtube is the best channel to promote their videos. If you want to step in the path of retail, you should watch and learn these best commercial TV advertisements as soon as possible.

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1, Old Spice

This body wash brand video advertisement has received more than 52 million views in Youtube. What a very amazing number of interactions to this video, and thanks to this advertisement, sales are up to 107%. Crazy, may be not. And we will remember the phrase in this video: Smell like a man, man.

2, Cadbury Dairy Milk

A product of Agency Fallon in London, make this commercial ads widespread. With the background music Don’t stop the Rock of Freestyle and the Eyebrow dance, this commercial ads attracts even the most ignorant one.


This commercial ads is banned in some countries because Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is a corporation of lottery and casino in Canada. Their infamous quote: Because anything can happen, anyone can win and this advertisement is really great to watch.

4, FoxSport

A very funny commercial ads of Fox Sport are presenting a massage situation and a man demands special treatment. Which in the end turn out that he wants to watch sport in FoxSport.

5, Berlitz

The global leadership and language education training corporation Berlitz has another greatest commercial ads ever. Because of poor language pronunciation, this man causes several troubles.

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