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#14 Setting up the taxes

Introduction Calculating and setting up your tax system isn’t maybe the first thing you would think of when starting your online store. But it is a very important step to take and the best time to do it is right now, before you set up your product catalog. Magento offers ...

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#13 General configuration: Currency setup

In this post you can set how your online store should work with currencies. It’s quite common to work with a single currency per Store View, but that isn’t mandatory:   Please note the following: ‹ The Default Display Currency field can only be set on the Website level. This is ...

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#12 Search engine optimization for your store

You might have noticed that we did not mention the first fields of the Web section, named, Url Options and Search Engine Optimization. The default settings are generally fine, but it’s still good to know a little bit more on this subject. When working with Magento, or any other web ...

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Magento configurable products series #4: Insert Facebook like button

magento configurable product image

These days, it is trendy to show a Facebook like button on your website so that visitors can share the page with their friends. In this recipe, following the Magento configurable product series,  we will add the like button on every product page. Open your browser and go to a product ...

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Magento theme tutorial 1.8 series: Adding jQuery support

magento theme tutorial

This post belongs to Magento theme tutorial 1. 8 series of Magento Academy, we hope that this post will give some valuable knowledge about jQuery. Magento 1.8 and earlier versions didn’t use jQuery in the frontend and backend. The library that Magento uses for the JavaScript functionality is Prototype. When ...

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Why you need upgrade your system to be compatible with Magento 2?

magento tutorial warning about magento shoplift

Now is the end of April, 2015 and the release date for Magento 2  is coming closer and closer to Magento developers community. As notified in Ebay official website, here is the road map of Magento 2: End of 2014 – Developer Beta End of Q1 2015 – Developer RC ...

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Magento tutorial for beginners: Technical definition of Magento

what is magento

We have receive many e-mail with the content that our Magento beginners don’t have a clear definition of Magento. To day Magento tutorial for beginners will give you guys the completed answer of the question ”What is Magento?” by updating our famous old post What is Magento?. This post below ...

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Magento theme tutorial: Creating a Magento 1.8 theme

magento tutorial theme

This post belongs to magento tutorial, in this magento theme tutorial we will create a package with a default theme in it. At a later stage, we can add more themes in this package, which extend the default theme that we will create in this chapter. Getting ready for creating ...

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Magento theme tutorial 1.8 series: Configuring Magento themes and packages


This is Magento theme tutorial chanel, offering developers valuable knowledge about Magento template. Magento works with multiple themes. You can configure more themes in the same store. A common case is that you have a theme of your shop and some inherited themes based on the shop theme. This Magento ...

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