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Warning: Your online site will be hacked  if you don’t know 8 these little-known security tricks


It seems you cannot go a day without hearing about someone or some group hacking a website or stealing credit card and other sensitive data from ecommerce sites. So how do you protect your ecommerce site from being hacked and sensitive customer data from being stolen? dozens of ecommerce and ...

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How I Built An Online Business In 24 Hours With $30 That Made $300 The First Day


As an entrepreneur, I find it hard to do nothing. I always want to be building something. That’s why, during the process of documenting a startup project I became frustrated so many times. One day while I was waiting and I really couldn’t move forward on the project. I made ...

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7 Little-Known Bootstrap Tricks From an Entrepreneur Who Turned Thousands Into Millions


It is more harder and harder to entrepreneurs to compare with Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay,… and you may go into troubles with many big mistakes when you begin your e-startup While it’s often thought that you need a significant amount of capital to start a business, this isn’t always the  circumstance Yes, many ...

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Want to boost profits your online store? Try those 6 live chat tips

boost sale

Live Chat software should absolutely be a part of your lead generation strategy. Studies show that 77% of people shopping online would like to make contact with a real person before making a purchase, and over half say that the lack of interaction has caused them not to purchase. With ...

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6 easy steps to make strong connection through social media

strong connection

You say social media marketing is “not long term advantage” but it’s exactly the contrary. If you do not create a social connection, it is one of big mistakes when you begin your e-startup You are thinking of majoring in business management and would love to make a strong connection ...

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Top 5 best ways to improve online store’s brand


  Brand marketing is a great place to start! It goes hand-in-hand with your online business. And it is one of  5 big common mistakes that most of all Ecommerce start-ups have You build a brand by building relationships with your customers through your message.Brand is your appearance, mannerisms, style ...

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What are your big mistakes when you begin your e-startup?


If you want to have a startup, it’s not “hard.” If you want a successful startup, well, that’s a different story. Selling your products and services has been with us for thousands of years. It started with trading shells, moved onto exchanging goods for other types of goods and finally ...

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What are TIPS to boost sales for the online store this 2015 Christmas season?


It is estimated that 20% of an online shop’s annual turnover comes from Christmas sales.Want to boots some business this Christmas? You don’t have to sell candy or costumes to get in on the fun – no matter what type of business you operate, you can use the Christmas holiday ...

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5 best benefits of using Magento in an e-commerce startup store

benefits of using magento

Nowadays, Startup e-commerce merchants are under a lot of pressure to keep up with the standards set by larger retailers like Amazone, Alibaba,…. Besides, the experience in the field of business make it very difficult to launch a new business. A lot of entrepreneurs are using Magento extensions for their ...

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