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The Air Purifier Market in 2019 and Beyond

As incomes rise in various regions around the world — including China and India — more consumers are buying air purifiers to decrease the amount of contaminants, odors, and airborne allergens in household air.

The global demand for consumer air treatment systems will grow at a double-digit annual pace to more than $10 billion in 2019, acording to an industry study by the Freedonia Group, a leading international business research company and a division of

Learn more forecasts and facts about The Air Purifier Market in 2019 below.

China Air Purifier Market Growth

Due to poor air quality in cities, an expanding middle class, and increasing access, the sales of consumer air cleaning systems in China will nearly triple by 2019. Sales will also be driven by publicity related to poor air quality and increasing awareness of the effect of air pollution on health.

So, in conclusion, more than 80 percent of growth will occur in China. Are you ready to grab the best air purifiers for bedroom.

The fastest growing markets include China, Brazil, India, and Mexico

Consumers in these countries will rapidly adopt the use of air purifiers because of rising personal incomes and health concerns related to smog. According to the Freedonia Group, increasing rates of asthma and allergies will further drive demand.

Consumers in more established markets seek to allergy-proof their homes

Although the U.S. and Japan have high air quality in most areas, wealthier consumers prefer to use air cleaners as a way to lessen dust, pollen levels, pet dander, and tobacco smoke.

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