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Adding Information to Contact Us Form in Magento

Nearly everyone with a Magento store wants additional information on their contact us page. Oddly, this is one of the parts of Magento that is not easily editable by default. The only way to edit the contacts page is to extend your theme and edit the actual file that has the form.

Take a look at this quick tutorial that will guide you through changing your contact form.

1. Connect to your store via FTP.
2. Navigate to your theme in app/design/frontend/ this might be in /default/ or in your own frontend package.
3. Open the /template/ folder
4. The file you want to edit is form.phtml, you can add any code or markup you want. You can add a static block, html etc…

Let’s go through that with some more detail. I’m using an IDE called Aptana, but any FTP client or IDE will work the same.

Connect via FTP

Using your favorite FTP client or IDE, connect to your website.

Find your Active Theme

I’m using a fresh installation of Magento with one extension installed. We don’t want to edit anything in the base directory EVER, so we’ll extend into the default theme folder.

Open and/or extend your Theme

First, make a new folder in your template directory called contacts (since that is where the form.phtml file is, inside the base theme).

Next, copy the form.phtml

Edit form.phtml

Now you can edit the extended form phtml file, and add any code or information you want.

On the frontend, this code appears above the contact form on the contacts page:

You can add maps, directions, phone numbers, addresses and any other information that you need to help your customers contact you better.

Hope this helps!



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